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The Role of Specific Written Feedback and Rewriting in the Learning Process

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American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education





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Objectives: The purpose of this study is to validate the effectiveness of a feedback/rewriting process on student-generated SOAP notes, and to determine if students can be trained through this process to critically evaluate their own work.

Method: The study will span the second year of the pharmacy professional curriculum and will be conducted in five courses of the “Integrated Pharmacology and Disease Management” (IPDM) sequence according to the following scheme: 1st quarter: classroom discussion, written feedback, no chance to rewrite 2nd quarter: classroom discussion, written feedback, required to rewrite 3rd quarter: classroom discussion, no written feedback, required to rewrite The grading of the SOAP notes will be done by three faculty members utilizing a rubric and a detailed key provided by the instructor.

Results: Students provided with written feedback on SOAP notes did not appear, anecdotally, to apply this feedback to the writing of subsequent SOAP notes. Pre-study data showed that when students were allowed to rewrite/resubmit SOAP notes, scores of initially-submitted SOAP notes improved 1.83/8 points over 5 SOAP notes in one quarter. First- quarter data in this study show that with no rewriting/resubmission option, initial scores improved 1.3/8 points over one quarter. Scores of this group of students are now being tracked through the subsequent two quarters, as outlined above, where rewriting/resubmission is required.

Implications: It is expected that improvement in initial scores will be greater when rewriting and resubmission is required, implying that student learning is occurring.


Pharmacy, learning process, written feedback