P3 Research Seminar



Submissions from 2015

Assessing Plasma Meropenem Concentrations: Validation of an HPLC Protocol, Marissa Cushing, Juanita A. Draime, Jordan Nicholls, Bethany Sibbitt, Rebecca Widder, Bao-Ngoc Ho, Denise S. Simpson, and Rebecca J. Gryka

Student Influences in Pursuing Pharmacy, Lauren Petry, Colin Sprague, Molly Turner, Veronica Asomani-Amoah, and KIngsley Njangnso

Improving Medication Safety in an Independent Pharmacy, Heather Rose, Kacey Adams, Tara Perkins, Chris Nguyen, and Laura Richardson

Factors Influencing Emergency Contraception Use in Indigent Populations, Ashley Scherreik, Melissa Arnold, Kasandra Chambers, Kurtis Schultz, Amy Roy, and April Bonifaz