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Evaluation of Jamaican Knowledge of Diabetes and Health Beliefs

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Poster Session

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Society of Teachers in Family Medicine Annual Spring Conference


Baltimore, MD


A survey was conducted to evaluate rural Jamaican patients’ diabetes-related knowledge and health beliefs, determine the association between diabetes-related knowledge and health beliefs, and identify diabetes-related educational needs in rural Jamaica. Patients with diabetes were asked to complete the Spoken Knowledge in Diabetes Survey (SKILLD, 10 items) and Diabetes Health Beliefs Model Scale (DHBM, 11 items), as well as a demographics survey. The average SKILLD score (n=48) was 3.8±2.3 (38% correct), with an average score of 38.3±5.6 (maximum score=55) on the DHBM survey. There was a statistically significant, positive association between educational attainment and diabetes knowledge (r=0.32). These results indicate a need to develop programs to provide diabetes education to patients living in rural Jamaica, as patients are ready to improve their management of diabetes.


Diabetes, Jamaica