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Impact of a Team-Based Learning Drug Misuse Education Training Program on Student Pharmacists’ Confidence

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Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning



Background and purpose: With increasing deaths related to prescription medications, it is important to educate adolescents on the dangers of drug misuse. Pharmacists possess the knowledge and are accessible to provide education to patients on this topic; therefore, the objectives were to improve student pharmacist confidence in prescription drug misuse knowledge and engaging patients.

Educational activity and setting: As part of a co-curricular activity, pharmacy, and pre-pharmacy students participated in an informational session to establish a common foundation of drug misuse concepts using a team-based learning pedagogy. Students developed a curriculum and taught middle school children about drug and alcohol misuse. Participants’ motivations for participation and confidence in drug misuse education were assessed through a 19 item pre-post survey.

Findings: Out of the 19 confidence items, seven had significant improvement. Students were more confident after the intervention that they could share their knowledge on drug misuse with colleagues (p = 0.012) and implement prevention strategies in their area (p = 0.020). They were also more confident in their ability to explain the definition (p = 0.001) and consequences (p = 0.003) of drug misuse.

Summary: A training session combined with the opportunity to apply learned concepts may be an effective way to improve the confidence of future pharmacists in educating their communities.


Drug misuse, education, pharmacy, students, team-based learning