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Outcomes of Adoption for Christian Adoptive Parents: A Qualitative Study

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Spring 2017

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Journal of Psychology and Christianity






Significant research attention recently has been devoted to adoption practices, such as twin studies (Segal, 2012), the significant need for adoptive families (Howell-Moroney, 2013; Smolin, 2012), the psychological stress levels that adoptive parents experience (Belanger, Copeland, & Cheung, 2008), motives for adopting (Howell-Moroney, 2014; Wrobel, 2012), integrating adopted children of different ethnicities than their adoptive parents (Bacchiddu, 2015; Bailey, 2015), the relationship between adoption and altruism (Waters, 2012), religiosity and adoption (Belanger et al., 2008; Wrobel, 2012), the need of adoptees to feel as though they belong (Waters, 2012), and the purpose of adoption (Waters, 2012). This increased attention in research may be due, in part, to recent trends highlighted in the national and social media, particularly in the Western world. Especially following World War II, adoption placements grew exponentially and the 20th century particularly introduced an increased trend in international adoptions (Selman, 2009).


Parents & parenting, families & family life, children & youth, theology, stress, Christians, adoption, qualitative research, Christianity, evangelicalism