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Development and Perceptions of an Academic Success Tool for Pharmacy Students
Merideth Hoagland Pitts, Nathanael Smith, Jeffrey A. Bates, Rachel Stevenson, Amy M Fohner, Haylee M Moser, Brenda Pahl, and Aleda Chen


Book Review: Researching Vocabulary
Merideth Hoagland Pitts


Scoping Review of Rational Polytherapy in Patients with Drug-Resistant Epilepsy
McKenzie Grinalds, Caleb Yoder, Zachary J. Krauss, Aleda Chen, and Denise H. Rhoney


Well-Being Content Inclusion in Pharmacy Education Across the US and Canada.
Elizabeth Buckley, Simi Gunaseelan, Benjamin D Aronson, Heidi N Anksorus, Victoria Belousova, Tram B Cat, Kristine M Cline, Stacey D Curtis, Christina E DeRemer, David Fuentes, McKenzie Grinalds, Seena L Haines, Hannah E Johnson, Karen Kopacek, Jessica M Louie, Nkem P Nonyel, Natasha Petry, Shawn Riser Taylor, Suzanne C Harris, Cheryl A Sadowski, and Anandi V Law


Paul H. Dixon


Cedarville vs. Ashland
Cedarville University

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