Administrative Personnel Publications



Submissions from 2006


A Clash of Worldviews, William E. Brown


Making Sense of a Middle East in Conflict, William E. Brown


The Heart of the Conspiracy, William E. Brown


Why Even Consider The DaVinci Code?, William E. Brown

Submissions from 2005


The Joy of Mentoring, William E. Brown

Submissions from 2004


Engaging the Culture with the Mind and Heart of Christ, William E. Brown


Light in the Darkness, William E. Brown


The Discipline of the Physical, William E. Brown


Thinking Worldviewishly, William E. Brown


Godspeed!, Martin E. Clark

Submissions from 2003


It Is Awesome!, William E. Brown


Setting Sail, William E. Brown


The Spectre of Change, William E. Brown


For the Last Time, Paul H. Dixon


Simple as... ABC, Paul H. Dixon

Submissions from 2002


How to Have Christlike Compassion, Paul H. Dixon


The Emotional Comfort Zone, Paul H. Dixon


The Way We Do the Things We Do, Paul H. Dixon


Culture Wars, Robert Rohm

Submissions from 2001


Committing to God's Plan, Paul H. Dixon


The Submissive Spouse, Paul H. Dixon


Time Well Spent, Paul H. Dixon


Family at the Forefront, Carl Ruby

Submissions from 2000


Clarifying Our Vision, Martin E. Clark


"One of the Greatest Generation", Paul H. Dixon


Serving God's Purposes, Paul H. Dixon


Who a Leader Is, Paul H. Dixon


A Vision of Hope, Robert Rohm


Fearing to Lead?, Robert Rohm

Submissions from 1999

Power Through Prayer, Martin E. Clark

Lessons of Prayer, Paul H. Dixon

Practicing Prayer, Paul H. Dixon

Prayer: Spiritual Service, Paul H. Dixon

Surrounded by Powerful Prayers, Jon Purple and Donna Purple

For Heaven's Sake...Pray, Robert Rohm

Prayer: Communication on a Higher Plane, Robert Rohm

Prayer Is Back, Robert Rohm


Esther Dyson's Vision of the Future, Andrew A. Runyan

Submissions from 1998

Positively Impacting Our Culture, Martin E. Clark

A Time for Truth, Paul H. Dixon

Convenient Christianity: Overcoming a religious system which fails to demand consecration, change our lives, or change our world, Paul H. Dixon

Investing in the Next Generation, Paul H. Dixon

Acting On The Truth, Robert Rohm

Beware of Heart Problems, Robert Rohm

Failed Leadership, Robert Rohm

Submissions from 1997

A Changeless Message for a Changing World, Paul H. Dixon

More Than Just An Act, Robert Rohm

Submissions from 1996

Freedom, Martin E. Clark

A Foundation For Victory, Paul H. Dixon

Developing Discernment, Paul H. Dixon

Religious Freedom And Free Enterprise, Paul H. Dixon

Dealing with the Individual, Robert Rohm

Discernment— God's Way, Robert Rohm

The Ultimate Victory, Robert Rohm

Submissions from 1995

Forced To Wait, Martin E. Clark

Pursuing A Passion For Purity, Paul H. Dixon

Waiting For The Harvest, Paul H. Dixon

What Are You Waiting For?, Harold Green

Forgiven and Cleansed, Robert Rohm

The Pure Lamb, Robert Rohm

Submissions from 1994

Stewardship And Giving, Martin E. Clark

Building Values Today—For Tomorrow, Paul H. Dixon

Facing the Challenge Together, Paul H. Dixon

Investing In The Vision, Paul H. Dixon

Do You Belong To God?, Harold Green

No Longer In Chains, Harold Green

Worth It All, Harold Green

Submissions from 1993

Giving Thanks, Paul H. Dixon

Strategic Planning, Paul H. Dixon

The Creator God, Paul H. Dixon

The Spirit Of The Place, Paul H. Dixon

Valuing the Family: God's Word To Parents, Paul H. Dixon

Adopted!, Harold Green

Complete Confidence, Harold Green

Is God Great Enough?, Harold Green

To Know Joy, Harold Green

Planning Your Giving, Robert Rohm

Submissions from 1992

America's Hope: Families That Worship God, Paul H. Dixon

Cedarville College and Life's Most Important Issues, Paul H. Dixon

Freedom, Paul H. Dixon

Leaders In Peacemaking, Paul H. Dixon

Ministering To People, Paul H. Dixon

Peace Preacher, Harold Green

The God Of Compassion, Harold Green

You Are Cordially Invited, Harold Green

We Shall See Him, James T. Jeremiah

Submissions from 1991

2-Tour Israel and Greece, Martin E. Clark

Adult Education: Learning with a Purpose, Martin E. Clark

Tour Israel and Greece, Martin E. Clark

Cedarville College: Big On Learning, Paul H. Dixon

Reaching the World from the Pew, Paul H. Dixon

Thank God for Pain, Paul H. Dixon

Don't Be A Know-it-all, Harold Green

Do You Know?, Harold Green

The Unsinkable Ship, Harold Green

What's Most Important?, Harold Green

The Christian's Response to Suffering, Carl Ruby

The Nature of Trials, Carl Ruby

Submissions from 1990


Quantum Theology : Christianity and the New Physics, William E. Brown

Why Celebrate the Family?, Martin E. Clark