Biblical and Theological Studies Faculty Presentations



Presentations from 2022

Beauty as an Apologetic: How a Love of Beauty Helps us Love our Neighbors, Ronni Kurtz

Unapproachable Light: Divine Incomprehensibility and Theological Method, Ronni Kurtz

Presentations from 2021

Beholding and Becoming: A Theology of the Efficacy of Scripture, Jeremy M. Kimble

Denouncing Divine Changelessness: A Taxonomy of Denials and Deviations of Divine Immutability, Ronni Kurtz

Martin Luther’s Use of Matthew 17:5 and Divine Pedagogy, Billy M. Marsh

Presentations from 2020

John Goodwin: A Man Without a Home, Jonathan W. Arnold


God's law or Sharia'? 40 Questions about Islam, Matthew A. Bennett

Presentations from 2019

Heresy Amidst Dissent: Discussions of Orthodoxy in the Trinitarian Controversy of the Late 17th Century, Jonathan W. Arnold

Scripture Demonstrations of the Holy Trinunity: Benjamin Keach's Defense of the Doctrine of the Trinity, Jonathan W. Arnold

Christ in the Scripture of Islam: Remnantal Revelation or Irredeemable Imposter?, Matthew A. Bennett


Do We Need to Redefine Unreached?, Matthew A. Bennett

Insider Ecclesiology: Does Insider Movement Contextualization Produce Biblically Faithful Churches?, Matthew A. Bennett

How Reading the Psalms Christologically is Like Where's Waldo, and How it is Not, Daniel J. Estes

Well-Crafted Proverbs, and Yet God's Inspired Word, Daniel J. Estes

Philosophy of Religion and Art, John R. Gilhooly

An Examination of 20th Century Views on the Relationship between Metaphysics and Theology, Joshua Kira

Reading the Revealed Redemption: How Warfield’s Trinitarian Shaped Canon Informs a Trinitarian Soteriology, Ronni Kurtz

Advanced Doctoral Seminar Presentation, Jason K. Lee

Reading the "Christ" Texts in Matthew with the Reformers, Jason K. Lee

Early Church Heresies in Luther's Sixteenth Century Polemics, Billy M. Marsh

Luther's Programmatic Use of Romans 1:1-3 for His Understanding of Christ in the Old Testament, Billy M. Marsh

Jesus Speaks the Old Testament? Tracing the Trajectory of "him who is speaking" in Heb 12:18-29, Michael McKay

Songs, Psalms, and Sermons: Toward a Biblical Theology, Trent A. Rogers

Haggai and Zachariah in Greek Psalm Superscriptions, Michael B. Shepherd

Respondence to Darian Lockett's paper The Early Legitimacy of the Catholic Epistles, Ched E. Spellman

Presentations from 2018

The Voluntary Author of All Divine Operations: The Holy Spirit in Late 17th-century England, Jonathan W. Arnold

The Moral Imagination and the Future of Baptist Political Witness: A Response, Dan DeWitt

The Virtue of Close-Mindedness, John R. Gilhooly


Rhythms of a God-Centered Life: Time and Sabbath in the Life of a Christian, Thomas Hutchison

Sabbath: The Rhythms of God's Song in Creation, Thomas Hutchison

Emotions, Feelings, and Personhood, Joshua Kira and John R. Gilhooly

Emotions, Feelings, and the Question of Impassibility, Joshua Kira and John R. Gilhooly

Reflections on Michael Horton’s Rediscovering the Holy Spirit and the future of Pneumatology, Ronni Kurtz

The Soteriological Significance of B.B. Warfield’s Doctrine of Hypostatic Union: An Exploration in his Redemptive Polemics, Ronni Kurtz

An Investigation into Luther’s Use of Hebrew in His 1545 Treatise, On the Last Words of David, William M. Marsh

The Holy Spirit as the Eternal Listener in Luther’s Sermons on the Gospel of John, William M. Marsh

A Reevaluation of Ἰησοῦς in Hebrews 4:8: Joshua or Jesus?, Michael McKay

Evaluating Knowing and Reasoning in College for Use in Christian Higher Education, Erin Shaw

Citation of Jeremiah in the Composition of the Twelve, Michael B. Shepherd

Haggai and Zechariah in Greek Psalm Superscriptions, Michael B. Shepherd

What Remains of Edith Finch and the Function of Lament in the Christian Life, Ched E. Spellman


A Comparative Analysis of Martin Luther's Works, Lauren E. Yost, Josh Graham, Peter Kennell, Daniel J. Stank, Joshua Kira, and Annis N. Shaver

Presentations from 2017

John Troughton and the Reception of Luther Among Early English Baptists, Jonathan W. Arnold

The Reception of Luther Among early English Baptists, Jonathan W. Arnold

Mixed-Race and Vagueness, John R. Gilhooly

Transgender and Property Possession, John R. Gilhooly


Why Did God Create the Devil?, John R. Gilhooly

Philosophy and Apologetics, John R. Gilhooly and Joshua Kira

Phases of Leadership: The Model of John the Baptist, Thomas Hutchison

The Metaphysics of Grace and Its Application to Race Relations, Joshua Kira

The Role of Revelation in Early Reformation Systematic Theologies, Joshua Kira

A Comparative Study of Luther's Understanding of the Jews in His Lectures on Galatians from 1519 and 1535, William M. Marsh

Luther's Use of Prosopological Exegesis in the Gospel of John for His Trinitarian Understanding, William M. Marsh

Wittenberg Theologians and the Jews during the Reformation, William M. Marsh

The Eschatological, Covenantal Implications of the Songs of Ascents, Randall L. McKinion

Toward a Biblical Paradigm for Women's Epistemological Development, Erin Shaw

Presentations from 2016

Keach's Foil: Benjamin Keach and the Fight Against Baxterianism, Jonathan W. Arnold


The Unknown Message, Dan DeWitt

Psalms & Hebrew Poetry, Daniel J. Estes

LXX Reading of Deuteronomy 33:2, John R. Gilhooly

Occasionalism, Prediction, and Scientific Realism, John R. Gilhooly

Ontological Arguments, John R. Gilhooly

The Mystery of the Trinity in Gregory of Nazianzus, John R. Gilhooly

God in Life and Leadership, Thomas Hutchison

Listening to God's Voice, Thomas Hutchison


Good News, God's Promises and a Grim Warning, Jeremy M. Kimble

I Will Be Their God, They Will Be My People: Trinitarian Doctrine and the Ontology of the Church, Jeremy M. Kimble

A Thoughtful Technophobia, Joshua Kira

Keynote Address, Jason K. Lee


Preaching brings Persecutors, Jason K. Lee


Preaching to Blood-Thirsty Persecutors, Jason K. Lee

The Reformers’ Interpretation of Trinitarian Texts in the Gospels of John and Matthew, Jason K. Lee

Luther on the Rule of Faith: Text, Testament, and Trinity, William M. Marsh

Mature in Christ: The Goal of Christian Discipleship, William M. Marsh

That the Next Generation Might Know Them: Telling and Training Our Children to Know and Love God, William M. Marsh


In Persecution, the Church Speaks in the Power of the Spirit, Randall L. McKinion

Telling the 'Story' of the Old Testament, Randall L. McKinion

The Psalms and Christian Worship, Randall L. McKinion

Is the BF&M Sufficient for Today?, Brandon Smith

Nehemiah's New Shadow: The Canonical Function of Ezra-Nehemiah Among the Writings, Ched E. Spellman

Presentations from 2015

Benjamin Keach on Persecution, Jonathan W. Arnold

The Final Marriage? The Eschatological Interpretation of Solomon's Song, Jonathan W. Arnold

Biblical Theology According to the Earliest Christians: Israel's Story in Stephen's Speech, Christopher R. Bruno

Biblical Theology According to the Earliest Christians: Stephen's Speech as a Model for OT Biblical Theology, Christopher R. Bruno

One God, One People, One Mediator: The Use of the One God Formula in the Disputed Pauline Epistles, Christopher R. Bruno

The Church as Family: The Nature of the Household of God in 1 Timothy, Gregory A. Couser

Paul's Prayer for Spiritual Flourishing, Dan DeWitt

We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD": Psalm 78:4 as Intertext of Torah and Wisdom, Daniel J. Estes

Alan of Lille on the Grammar of Sexuality, John R. Gilhooly

Gender, Sexuality, and Self- Identification, John R. Gilhooly

Human Sexuality, John R. Gilhooly

Human Sexuality, John R. Gilhooly

Ministry to Millenials, Thomas Hutchison

Inheritors of the Kingdom: Church Discipline and the Call to Sexual Holiness in 1 Corinthians 5-6, Jeremy M. Kimble

Anti-Scholastic Themes in 20th Century Christian Theology, Joshua Kira

The Role of Phenomenological Description in Investigating Language: An Examination of Wolsterstorff's Methodology in Divine Discourse, Joshua Kira

The Reformers' Interpretation of Jesus' Teaching on Divorce and Marriage in Matthew 19, Jason K. Lee

Luther on Reading Backwards and Forwards: The Hermeneutical Significance of a Two-Testament Bible, William M. Marsh

The New Household Clothed in the New Adam: How Wives and Husbands Are to 'Put on the New Self' in Colossians 3:18-19, William M. Marsh

"If They Will Enter My Rest": The Impact of the Greek Translation of Psalm 95 for Auctor’s Argument in Hebrews 3 and 4, Michael McKay