Biblical and Theological Studies Faculty Presentations



Submissions from 2018

Emotions, Feelings, and Personhood, Joshua Kira and John R. Gilhooly

A Reevaluation of Ἰησοῦς in Hebrews 4:8: Joshua or Jesus?, Michael McKay

Citation of Jeremiah in the Composition of the Twelve, Michael B. Shepherd


A Comparative Analysis of Martin Luther's Works, Lauren E. Yost, Josh Graham, Peter Kennell, Daniel J. Stank, Joshua Kira, and Annis N. Shaver
The Research and Scholarship Symposium

Submissions from 2017

Mixed-Race and Vagueness, John R. Gilhooly

The Metaphysics of Grace and Its Application to Race Relations, Joshua Kira

The Role of Revelation in Early Reformation Systematic Theologies, Joshua Kira

A Comparative Study of Luther's Understanding of the Jews in His Lectures on Galatians from 1519 and 1535, William M. Marsh

Luther's Use of Prosopological Exegesis in the Gospel of John for His Trinitarian Understanding, William M. Marsh

Wittenberg Theologians and the Jews during the Reformation, William M. Marsh


Institutional Racism, 'Horizontal Spiritual Warfare,' and Ephesians 6:10-17, Mark D. Owens

Toward a Biblical Paradigm for Women's Epistemological Development, Erin Shaw

Submissions from 2016


The Unknown Message, Dan DeWitt

Psalms & Hebrew Poetry, Daniel J. Estes

LXX Reading of Deuteronomy 33:2, John R. Gilhooly

Occasionalism, Prediction, and Scientific Realism, John R. Gilhooly

The Mystery of the Trinity in Gregory of Nazianzus, John R. Gilhooly


Good News, God's Promises and a Grim Warning, Jeremy M. Kimble

I Will Be Their God, They Will Be My People: Trinitarian Doctrine and the Ontology of the Church, Jeremy M. Kimble

A Thoughtful Technophobia, Joshua Kira

Keynote Address, Jason K. Lee


Preaching brings Persecutors, Jason K. Lee


Preaching to Blood-Thirsty Persecutors, Jason K. Lee

The Reformers’ Interpretation of Trinitarian Texts in the Gospels of John and Matthew, Jason K. Lee

Luther on the Rule of Faith: Text, Testament, and Trinity, William M. Marsh

Mature in Christ: The Goal of Christian Discipleship, William M. Marsh

That the Next Generation Might Know Them: Telling and Training Our Children to Know and Love God, William M. Marsh


In Persecution, the Church Speaks in the Power of the Spirit, Randall L. McKinion

Telling the 'Story' of the Old Testament, Randall L. McKinion

The Psalms and Christian Worship, Randall L. McKinion

Nehemiah's New Shadow: The Canonical Function of Ezra-Nehemiah Among the Writings, Ched E. Spellman

Submissions from 2015

Biblical Theology According to the Earliest Christians: Israel's Story in Stephen's Speech, Christopher R. Bruno

Biblical Theology According to the Earliest Christians: Stephen's Speech as a Model for OT Biblical Theology, Christopher R. Bruno

One God, One People, One Mediator: The Use of the One God Formula in the Disputed Pauline Epistles, Christopher R. Bruno

The Church as Family: The Nature of the Household of God in 1 Timothy, Gregory A. Couser

We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD": Psalm 78:4 as Intertext of Torah and Wisdom, Daniel J. Estes

Alan of Lille on the Grammar of Sexuality, John R. Gilhooly

Gender, Sexuality, and Self- Identification, John R. Gilhooly

Ministry to Millenials, Thomas Hutchison

Inheritors of the Kingdom: Church Discipline and the Call to Sexual Holiness in 1 Corinthians 5-6, Jeremy M. Kimble

Anti-Scholastic Themes in 20th Century Christian Theology, Joshua Kira

The Role of Phenomenological Description in Investigating Language: An Examination of Wolsterstorff's Methodology in Divine Discourse, Joshua Kira

The Reformers' Interpretation of Jesus' Teaching on Divorce and Marriage in Matthew 19, Jason K. Lee

Luther on Reading Backwards and Forwards: The Hermeneutical Significance of a Two-Testament Bible, William M. Marsh

The New Household Clothed in the New Adam: How Wives and Husbands Are to 'Put on the New Self' in Colossians 3:18-19, William M. Marsh

"If They Will Enter My Rest": The Impact of the Greek Translation of Psalm 95 for Auctor’s Argument in Hebrews 3 and 4, Michael McKay

Schneider, Michel, and the Hebrew Tenses in Jeremiah 2-6, Randall L. McKinion

Woman Wisdom vs. Woman Folly: Patristic Interpretation Within Proverbs 1-9, Randall L. McKinion

Galatians 3:28: Revisiting the Starting Point, Chris A. Miller

Reading Ephesians 1:20–2:22 with Isaiah’s New Exodus, Mark D. Owens

A Dichotomist View of Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Growth, Michael L. Parrott

The Drama of Discipline: An Intertextual Profile of Paideia in Hebrews 12, Ched E. Spellman

Submissions from 2014

Biblical Theology According to the Earliest Christians: Israel's Story in the Parable of the Tenants, Christopher R. Bruno

How Should I Read My Bible?, Christopher R. Bruno

What is the Story of the Bible? How to Teach the Storyline of Scripture, the Centrality of Christ, and the Unity of the Bible in One Hour, Christopher R. Bruno

How Firm a Foundation: The Ecclesiology of 2 Timothy 2:19-21, Gregory A. Couser

The Literature of the Bible: The Legacy of Leland Ryken, Daniel J. Estes

Communicating the Book of Job in the 21st Century, Daniel J. Estes

The Literature of the Bible: A Scholarly Conversation, Daniel J. Estes

Methodological Naturalism and its Epistemological Problems, John R. Gilhooly

Relativity, Quantum Indeterminism, and Authority in the Epistemology of Theistic Interpretation(s) of Scientific Theory, John R. Gilhooly

Inner-Biblical Exegesis and Intertexts, Michael B. Shepherd

Friedrich Schleiermacher's Reformulation of the Reformed Doctrine of Predestination: Ecclesiological Implications, Paul R. Thorsell

Is the Pot Accusing the Kettle? Schleiermacher's Repudiation of Dordrecht in His Essay, 'On the Doctrine of Election', Paul R. Thorsell

Jesus as Lord in the Gospel of Mark, Joel F. Williams

Submissions from 2013

Christ in the OT, Christopher R. Bruno

Jesus as the True Israel: A Preliminary Biblical-Theological Investigation of the Remnant Theme, Christopher R. Bruno

Divine Timeless Persons, John R. Gilhooly

What Problem? Mystery, Evil, and the Arrogance of Epistemology, John R. Gilhooly

A Response to Anselm Min, Joshua Kira

Jüngel on Hermeneutics and Objectification, Joshua Kira

Scholasticism on Motivation and an Application to Political Theory, Joshua Kira

Speech and Revelation in Nicholas Wolterstorff and Eberhard Jüngel, Joshua Kira

"If They Will Enter My Rest": The Impact of the Greek Translation of Psalm 95 for Auctor’s Argument in Hebrews 3 and 4, Michael McKay

Spiritual Formation from an Anabaptist Perspective, Robert W. Milliman

Isaiah 59:17 and the Church Militant in Ephesians 6:10–17, Mark D. Owens

Submissions from 2012

Exercising Edwards: Nathanael Emmons and the Edwardsean Lexicon, Zachary Bowden

Hell and Abortion, Shawn Graves

On McMahan's Moral Individualism: A Philosophical and Theological Assessment, Shawn Graves and J. White

Heroine or Villainess: Two Interpretive Approaches to Queen Esther, T. C. Ham

God Was in Christ: A Theological Proposal for the Unity of the Doctrine of the Atonement, Adam J. Johnson

Exclusion from the People of God: Paul's Use of the Old Testament in 1 Corinthians 5, Jeremy M. Kimble

A Response to Stephen Davis, Joshua Kira

Christ as the Mediator Between Speech and Revelation, Joshua Kira

The Difference Between Human and Divine Speech, Joshua Kira

Romans 13:1-7 from an Anabaptist Perspective, Robert W. Milliman

Peter's Transformational Growth Process as a Transformational Learning Theory for Christian Education, Michael L. Parrott

A Syntactical Analysis of οὖν in Papyrus 66, Trent A. Rogers

The Transformation of Mary Magdalene in non-Gnostic Literature, Trent A. Rogers

The Object Marker for the Preposition ’t in Later Biblical Hebrew, Michael B. Shepherd

Marking History with Ignatius of Antioch: The Bishop as Historical Place-Marker in Earliest Christianity, Carl B. Smith II

Submissions from 2011

Suffering with Joy: The Sermon on the Mount and Philippians, Christopher R. Bruno

Comments on Jonathan Sands Wise's 'Applied Virtue Ethics', Shawn Graves

Hell and Abortion, Shawn Graves

How Not to Think About Moral Perfection, Shawn Graves

How Not to Think About Moral Perfection, Shawn Graves

Leadership for Effective Church Ministries, Thomas Hutchison

Contemplation, Charity and Education: Thomas Aquinas on the Contemplative and Active Lives as a Paradigm for Education, Aaron B. James

End of Life Decisions: Standing at the Corner of Law, Ethics and Religion, Joshua Kira

Pinnochio, A.I., and the Essence of Humanity, Joshua Kira