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Master of Education (M.Ed.)




Michael W. Firmin, Ph.D.


character education, home education, Christian education, moral development


This qualitative study provides a phenomenological perspective and comparative analysis of character education within the Christian school and home education milieu. The study is based on semi-structured interviews of fifty-two individuals (N = 52) representative of a sampling of Christian educators from four private, evangelical Christian Schools (n = 26) and area home educating families (n = 26). The intent of the researcher was to bring attention to the importance for Christian educators to come to terms with the worldview from which the desire to educate Christian youth in a separate moral community originates. Although the purpose and intent of both sets of educators were in many instances similar, significant deviations in methodology and application were found. The results of this study are defined in four similarities and six differences, suggesting that character education and the juxtaposition of that goal along with the transference of faith was a major contributor to the obvious commitment and calling felt by Christian educators.



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