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Master of Education (M.Ed.)




Eddie Baumann, Ph.D.


delayed-entry, school readiness, academic redshirting, age-at-entrance, achievement, preschool experience


This study investigated the factors teachers utilize when recommending parents delay or not delay kindergarten entry for their child. Fourteen preschool and kindergarten teachers representing the demographic areas of rural, urban, suburban, and private schools, were interviewed to gather data concerning school readiness skills, learning differences between genders, kindergarten screening, state standards, and situations for recommended kindergarten delay. Consistently among all demographic groups, teachers are of the same opinion in the following issues: first, children need to be evaluated individually for kindergarten entrance; second, social-emotional growth is the greatest readiness factor; third, academic rigors of kindergarten require attention of parents and teachers in the decision to delay or not delay kindergarten entry; fourth, children with questionable readiness are at an advantage if given an extra year before entrance.



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