English, Literature, and Modern Languages Faculty Dissertations



Dissertations from 2020

Fluency, Working Memory and Second Language Proficiency in Multicompetent Writers, Cristi Vallejos

Dissertations from 2019


Prayers from the Wreck: Shipwreck Narratives and Imagined Spiritual Communities in Nineteenth-Century Britain, Alicia A. McCartney

Dissertations from 2016


Case Study of an English Program in a Multi-ethnic Chinese Context: Feasibility of Genred Task Instructional Approaches and Implications for Teacher Developmen, Merideth Hoagland Pitts

Dissertations from 2013

Moving Toward Critical Counter-Spaces: Volitional Movements in American Women's Writing, 1839-1900, Michelle M. Wood

Dissertations from 2012


Telling What They Know, Performing What They Say: Genre Awareness and the Transferability of Writing, Heather N. Hill

Dissertations from 2007

Re/Locating Students: A Story of Transition From A Two-Year Institution To A Four-Year, Melissa S. Faulkner

Dissertations from 2004

Americanization: The Immigrant's Bridge to Assimilation, Annis N. Shaver

Dissertations from 1999


The Classical Trivium in Contemporary Contexts: Receptions and Re-formations of an Ancient Model of Schooling, Scott D. Calhoun


Breathing Room, Kevin Heath

Dissertations from 1994


American Masculinity and the Gridiron: The Development of the Football Narrative, Donald L. Deardorff

Dissertations from 1990


Power and Women's Writing in Chile: 1973-1988, Barbara L. Loach