English, Literature, and Modern Languages Faculty Dissertations



Dissertations from 2020

Fluency, Working Memory and Second Language Proficiency in Multicompetent Writers, Cristi Vallejos

Dissertations from 2019


Prayers from the Wreck: Shipwreck Narratives and Imagined Spiritual Communities in Nineteenth-Century Britain, Alicia A. McCartney

Dissertations from 2016


Case Study of an English Program in a Multi-ethnic Chinese Context: Feasibility of Genred Task Instructional Approaches and Implications for Teacher Developmen, Merideth Hoagland Pitts

Dissertations from 2013

Moving Toward Critical Counter-Spaces: Volitional Movements in American Women's Writing, 1839-1900, Michelle M. Wood

Dissertations from 2012


Telling What They Know, Performing What They Say: Genre Awareness and the Transferability of Writing, Heather N. Hill

Dissertations from 2008


Augustinian Auden: The Influence of Augustine of Hippo on W. H. Auden, Stephen J. Schuler

Dissertations from 2007

Re/Locating Students: A Story of Transition From A Two-Year Institution To A Four-Year, Melissa S. Faulkner

Dissertations from 2004

Americanization: The Immigrant's Bridge to Assimilation, Annis N. Shaver

Dissertations from 1999


The Classical Trivium in Contemporary Contexts: Receptions and Re-formations of an Ancient Model of Schooling, Scott D. Calhoun


Breathing Room, Kevin Heath

Dissertations from 1996

The Redemptive Power of Love in the Novels of Charles Williams, Scott C. Hodgin

Dissertations from 1994


American Masculinity and the Gridiron: The Development of the Football Narrative, Donald L. Deardorff

Dissertations from 1990


Power and Women's Writing in Chile: 1973-1988, Barbara L. Loach