English, Literature, and Modern Languages Faculty Presentations



Presentations from 2023

Poetry and Truth: W. H. Auden's Augustinian Aesthetics, Stephen J. Schuler

Presentations from 2020

The Impact of Academic Major on Foreign Language Learning in College Students, Felisha L. Younkin, Merideth Hoagland Pitts, Audrey Podnar, Charlie Learned, and Karina Palmer

Presentations from 2019

There Is No End To Love: U2’s Lyrics and Love’s Frequency, 1980 – 2017, Scott D. Calhoun

Matt Murdoch’s Ill-fitting Catholic Faith in Kevin Smith’s “Guardian Devil” and Netflix’s Daredevil, Daniel D. Clark


Putting it Graphically: Fidelity in Graphic Novel Adaptations of Classic German Literature, Melissa Gernert, Abigail Mouring, Andrew Mrozek, Aaron Weiss, and Annis Shaver Dr.

“I Could Not Get Round the Church”: Interdenominational Collaboration, Ritual, and Competing Spiritual Communities in Household Words “Wreck of the Golden Mary”, Alicia A. McCartney

Shipwreck Ecotheodicy in Wordsworth’s Later Poetry, Alicia A. McCartney

Towards a Shipwreck Ecotheodicy: Wordsworth, Tractarianism, and the Wreck of the Earl of Abergavenny, Alicia A. McCartney

Presentations from 2018

Manga’s Exotic Christian Other in Urasawa Naoki’s 20th Century Boys and Minazuki Suu’s Judas, Daniel D. Clark

Frederick Buechner’s Godric: A Study in the Theology of Grief, Donald L. Deardorff

Escritura en el aula de español como lengua extranjera (ELE), Cristi Killingsworth

"If You Would Teach a Man to Pray, Send Him to Sea": Shipwreck Narratives and Imagined Religious Community in Victorian Evangelical Tracts, Alicia A. McCartney

Shipwreck Networks and Nineteenth-Century Spiritual Communities, Alicia A. McCartney

The "Simple Burthen" of the Female Poet in William Wordsworth’s "Sailor's Mother", Alicia A. McCartney

Balancing Access and Funds of Knowledge: Case Study of a Teacher Preparation Program in a School for Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE), Merideth Hoagland Pitts and Annis N. Shaver

Crafting (in) the Home, Stephen J. Schuler

Susan Anne Livingston Ridley Sedgwick and The Young Emigrants, A Tale Designed for Young Persons (1830): Recovering an “UnAmerican” Tale, Michelle M. Wood


A Comparative Analysis of Martin Luther's Works, Lauren E. Yost, Josh Graham, Peter Kennell, Daniel J. Stank, Joshua Kira, and Annis N. Shaver

Presentations from 2017


Identifying Elements of Kinder- und Jugendliteratur, Clara G. Hendrickson, Joshua D. Pearson, Brice J. Montgomery, Natalie M. Lien, Marcella B. Moorman, Anna T. Kaster, Elizabeth J. Carraher, and Annis N. Shaver

Roles of Cooperating Teachers in International Classrooms, Brenda B. MacKay and Annis N. Shaver

Filling a Void: A Call for Christian Leaders to Support Novice Teachers through Formal Mentoring Programs, Lynn G. Roper, Erin E. Weber, and Cynthia K. Messer

Second Language Acquisition for Homeschool Families, Annis N. Shaver and Barbara L. Loach

Two Antebellum Origin Narratives: Catharine Sedgwick’s A New England Tale and John Winthrop’s A Model of Christian Charity, Michelle M. Wood

Presentations from 2016

Gene Luen Yang and the Catholic Writing Tradition, Daniel D. Clark and Isaac J. Mayeux

“Make Me Room There": Sacred Time in Gerard Manley Hopkins’s Wreck of the Deutschland, Alicia A. McCartney

The Development of L2 Pitch Range in a Short-Term Study Abroad Program, Jorge Méndez Seijas and Cristi Killingsworth

Fostering the Acquisition of Academic Language While Developing Communicative Competence, Annis N. Shaver and Louise M. Grandouiller

Presentations from 2015

Japanese Jesus: Interpretations of Christ in Manga, Daniel D. Clark

Bruce Springsteen: Cultural Significance, Donald L. Deardorff

The Words of the Dying: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Hospice Patients' Death Narratives, Melissa S. Faulkner

Discourses Surrounding Academic Language, School Language and Complex Text, Margaret C. Grigorenko, Annis N. Shaver, Cynthia K. Messer, Lori Ferguson, and Betty Ruth Sylvester

Roles of the Cooperating Teacher as Defined by Student Teachers Teaching a High Percent of ELLs in an International Context, Brenda B. MacKay and Annis N. Shaver

Poetry Reading of "Following the Light" at the Dayton Art Institute, Julie L. Moore

Evolving into Specialists: How One Writing Center Met the Needs of a Rigorous English Program, Julie L. Moore, Isaac J. Mayeux, Austin J. Cordle, and Adam J. Wagner

Resuscitating Paideia: Reading Literature for Wisdom, Helena Nellie Sullivan

Inhabiting the Liminal: The Architecture of Single Life in Catharine Maria Sedgwick's Fiction, Michelle M. Wood

Presentations from 2014

Conversion Stories in the Metanoic Classroom: Consubstantiating Secular and Sacred Ways of Knowing, Melissa S. Faulkner

Antecedent Genre Use as Negative Transfer: A Study of the Cherokee Constitution, Heather N. Hill

Rhetorical Disconnect: Bridging the Gap Between Faith and Composition, Heather N. Hill

Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks, Heather N. Hill

Topographies of Identity and Exile: Berlin's "Ghosts" and Book of Clouds by Chloe Aridjis, Barbara L. Loach


From Frustration to Confidence: How Pre-service Teachers in an Overseas Cross-Cultural Context Use Frustration to Enhance Communication, Brenda B. MacKay and Annis N. Shaver


Preservice Teachers' Use of Frustration to Enhance Communication, Brenda B. MacKay and Annis N. Shaver


Motivations and Implications of Secondary Jobs Among University Faculty: A Qualitative Study, Ruth L. Markham, Alexandra Iriana, Jessica Dyson, and Jeremiah Bollman

A Hindsight Look at the Pieces: Graduate Question and Answer, Isaac J. Mayeux

Considering His Last Words: Gerard Manley Hopkins, "To R. B." and the Journey Toward Poetic Sacrament, Alicia A. McCartney

Promoting the Conversation about Religious Identity: Faith-based Narratives as a Path - Not Obstruction - to Critical Thought, Cynthia K. Messer

First Book Talk, Julie L. Moore

How I Met Your Tutor: The Legendary Guide to Improving Tutor-Tutee Interactions, Julie L. Moore

Poetry Instruction, Julie L. Moore

Poetry Presentation, Julie L. Moore

Poetry Reading at Stoney Creek Roasters, Julie L. Moore and E. Davis

Poetry Reading at Epic Book Shop, Julie L. Moore, E. Davis, and R. Coleman

Poetry Reading at Calvin College, Julie L. Moore, L. Shaw, T. Runyan, and D. S. Martin

Second Star to the Right and Straight on ‘Til Morning: How to Bring the Peter Pan Generation to the Writing Center, Julie L. Moore, Ruth E. Towne, Austin Bush, and Jennifer S. McConkey

'The Merry Wives of Windsor': Shakespeare's Cheesiest Comedy, Stephen J. Schuler

Here vs. There: Approaches to Teaching History and Culture in the U.S. and Abroad, Annis N. Shaver and Louise M. Grandouiller

Catharine Maria Sedgwick and Elizabeth Keckley in St. Louis: Reading "Volitional Movements" in “The Great Excursion to the Falls of St. Anthony” and Behind the Scenes; or, Thirty Years a Slave, and Four Years in the White House, Michelle M. Wood

Presentations from 2013

Wingman, Leader, Warrior, Writer: A Service Learning Project Between a Manual Writing Course and the Air National Guard, Melissa S. Faulkner

Discourses Surrounding Academic Language: Conceptual Hurdles Moving from Theory to Practice in Teacher Education, Margaret C. Grigorenko, Annis N. Shaver, Cynthia K. Messer, and Lori Ferguson

Tutoring for Transfer, Heather N. Hill

Authenticity in Teaching: Resources for Maximizing Your Teaching Skills, Barbara L. Loach

Boxers and Saints, Isaac J. Mayeux

Beyond the Graded Final Draft, Cynthia K. Messer

Panel Presentations, Cynthia K. Messer

Keynote Address, Julie L. Moore

Poetry Reading at Dayton MetroParks, Julie L. Moore

Poetry Reading at the Cedarville Community Library, Julie L. Moore

Poetry Reading of "Landing" at the Dayton Art Institute, Julie L. Moore

TESOL Strategies for Mainstream Teachers, Annis N. Shaver

Presentations from 2012

Christ in Comics: Imagination, Incarnation, Iconoclasm, Daniel D. Clark

Jiro Taniguchi and Traditional Japanese Aesthetics, Daniel D. Clark

Thinking Across the Curriculum: Evidence-Based Learning and Teaching, Melissa S. Faulkner

Crossover Identities: Professional Creative Writers on Their Roles as Writing Center Directors, K. Head, Julie L. Moore, D. Gallagher, L. Anderson, and C. Zink

At Risk: Student Athlete Identity and the Goals of Higher Education, Heather N. Hill

Genre Awareness as the Gateway to Writing in the University, Heather N. Hill

How to Successfully Navigate the Academic Job Market, Heather N. Hill

Perplexing Allies: Evangelical Perspectives on Latino Immigration, Barbara L. Loach

Teaching the Bildungsroman: The Secret Life of Bees, Mary E. McCulley

Traveling Through Florence and Between Genre Forms: Reading Romola as Sensational Travel Narrative, Mary E. McCulley

Language Partners: Integrative Motivation for First Year German Students, Annis N. Shaver

Representing Space, Representing Nation: Ambivalent Citizenship and Belonging in Alice Cary's Clovernook Sketches, Michelle M. Wood

Presentations from 2011

A Panel on Gutters: Graphic Literacy in the Classroom, Daniel D. Clark

The Mysterious Nature of Grace in Marilynne Robinson's Gilead, Donald L. Deardorff

Telling What They Know; Performing What They Say: Genre Awareness and the Transferability of Writing, Heather N. Hill

Church-based ESL, Barbara L. Loach and Annis N. Shaver

A Panel on Gutters: Graphic Literacy in the Classroom, Isaac J. Mayeux

What You Can Do with an English Degree, Isaac J. Mayeux

A Curious Commodity: The Economics of Aesthetic Language in Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Travel Literature, Mary E. McCulley

Utilizing Reading Logs to Strengthen All Aspects of Literacy, Cynthia K. Messer

Focus on Form, Julie L. Moore

Poetry of Endurance, Julie L. Moore

Poetry Workshop, Julie L. Moore

Open-Source Alternatives to Commercial Scheduling Programs, Julie L. Moore, D. Dangler, and D. Baldwin

Margaret Fuller's Summer on the Lakes, in 1843: The Making of an Eastern Literary Fortune, Michelle M. Wood

Presentations from 2010

Beijing Welcomes the World: Olympic Village and the Rhetoric of Globalization, Heather N. Hill

The Rhetoric of Postmodern Literature: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Teaching of Genre, Heather N. Hill and C. Martin

An Introduction to Learning Styles, Barbara L. Loach

The Effective Teacher/Teaching Styles, Barbara L. Loach

Graduate Studies Panel, Isaac J. Mayeux