Social Work Faculty Presentations



Presentations from 2004

Can a Leopard Change Its Spots? Perspectives on Children, Who Have Been Adopted, Experiencing More Life Conflicts, Michael W. Firmin and Christine Fulmer

Perspectives on Adoptive Children Experiencing More Life Conflicts Than Non-Adoptive Children, Christine K. Fulmer

Recruiting and Retaining Committed Volunteers, Michael E. Sherr

Integrating Faith and Practice in the Classroom: Student Perceptions of Salient Indicators, Michael E. Sherr, George E. Huff, and M. A. Curran

Presentations from 2003

Integrating Faith and Academic Life at Public Universities: Opening Faculty/Doctoral Student Dialogue, J. Jones, T. A. Wolfer, Michael E. Sherr, and D. P. Cecil

Rural Elderly Women: A Multidimensional Theoretical Framework and Issues for Social Work Education, Michael E. Sherr and F. C. Blumhardt

Exploring the Influence of Religion among the Most Active Volunteer Service Club Members, Michael E. Sherr and G. Shields

Informal vs. Formal Social Networks Among the Elderly and the Role of Religion, G. Shields and Michael E. Sherr

Presentations from 2002

Black Rural Elders: The Forgotten Population, Michael E. Sherr

Diveristy and Aging: Becoming a Culturally Competent Mental Health Clinician, Michael E. Sherr

Moving a Congregation from Charity to Ministry: Opportunities and Challenges Within the Context of Charitable Choice, Michael E. Sherr and T. A. Wolfer

Presentations from 2001

Advanced Field Instructor Orientation, Nelson Henning

Presentations from 2000

Advanced Field Instructor Orientation, Nelson Henning

Presentations from 1999

Alcoholism: A Disease of the Soul, Nelson Henning

Field Instructor Orientation, Nelson Henning

Psychiatric Residents Preceptorship Workshop, Nelson Henning

Presentations from 1998

Alcohol Addiction in the Christian Community, Nelson Henning

Parenting with Wit and Wisdom, Maurice Lee

Presentations from 1997

Drug-Free Workplace, Nelson Henning

Presentations from 1996

Family Dynamics of Chemical Dependency, Nelson Henning

Presentations from 1987

The U. S. Air Force's Rehabilitation Program, Nelson Henning

Presentations from 1983

Alcohol and Drug Use Policies of the United States Air Force, 1983-1986, Nelson Henning

Presentations from 1979

Dynamics of Alcoholism Treatment, Nelson Henning