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August 28, 1928


Xenia, parade


Label on film can: "Xenia Homecoming Parade - 1928 Straw Board 16 mm" (see Additional File below)

This 18-minute silent film presents activities surrounding the 1928 Greene County Homecoming in Xenia, Ohio, celebrated every 20 years. The film opens with views of the entries of the Hagar Straw Board and Paper Mill in Cedarville, Ohio, (10 miles from Xenia) for the Homecoming industrial parade in downtown Xenia. The film then moves to Shawnee Park in Xenia where the American Red Cross exhibit and demonstrations are filmed. This is followed by portions of the Industrial Parade in downtown Xenia which includes views of the crowds and buildings at the center of town. The film ends with the events at Shawnee Park, culminating with the landing and takeoff at the Park of an airplane from Wright field, followed by a flyover of airplanes in formation from Wright field. The events of the homecoming are described on page one of issues of the Cedarville Herald for August 24 and August 31, 1928.


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June 14, 2019

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16mm film



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Harold Strobridge Cedarville Collection

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