This collection showcases presentations made by Cedarville University faculty members at various conferences, workshops, and other public venues.


Submissions from 1985

Financing and Building the Christian School Library, Lynn A. Brock

Libraries in Christian Schools: What Administrators Should Know, Lynn A. Brock

Guest Lecture at Spring Arbor College, James D. Mellick

Guest Lecture for the Worthington Art League, James D. Mellick

The Response of Two-Degree-of-Freedom Systems with Quadratic Nonlinearities to a Combination Parametric Resonances, Lawrence D. Zavodney and A. H. Nayfeh

Presentations from 1984

Theory Evaluation, Lyle J. Anderson

A Proportional Drive for Discontinuous Mode DC-to-DC Converters, R. L. Avant, D. Jeffrey Shortt, G. E. West, and R. E. Palma

Challenges for Christians in an Information Society, J. Wesley Baker

Adolescence, Lois K. Baker

Diabetic and Endocrine Crises, Lois K. Baker

Research Presentation of Dinamap (TM), Lois K. Baker

An Improved Model for Predicting the Dynamic Performance of High Bandwidth and Multiloop Power Converters, F. C. Lee and D. Jeffrey Shortt

Brass in the Classroom, Charles M. Pagnard

Submissions from 1983

Ethical Concerns in the Information Age, J. Wesley Baker

Pre-Production Planning, J. Wesley Baker

Innovative Uses of New Technologies in Broadcast Education, J. Wesley Baker and C. Ben Hale

Psychological Effects of Physical Fitness: Role of the Endorphins and Enkephalins, Milton E. Becknell

Stress Management for Health Care Providers, Milton E. Becknell

Alcohol and Drug Use Policies of the United States Air Force, 1983-1986, Nelson Henning

Coffee and Conversation, James D. Mellick

Extensions of the Discrete-Average Models for Converter Power Stages, D. Jeffrey Shortt and F. C. Lee

Submissions from 1982

Contemporary Issues: Legal, J. Wesley Baker

Pre-Production Planning, J. Wesley Baker

Myths Associated with Chemical Abuse, Milton E. Becknell

Numerical Prediction of Dynamic Forces on Arbitrarily Pitched Airfoils in Turbulent Flow, Harwood A. Hegna

An Improved Switching Converter Model Using Discrete and Average Techniques, D. Jeffrey Shortt and F. C. Lee

Minnesota: The Great Plains Experience, Kevin F. Sims

Submissions from 1981

Applications of OCLC, Lynn A. Brock

Numerical Solution of Incompressible Turbulent Flow over Airfoils, Harwood A. Hegna

Fourier Transform Infrared and Scanninig Electron Microscope Studies of Fuel Storage and Thermal Deposits, Larry S. Helmick

FTIR Studies of Fuel Storage and Thermal Deposits, Larry S. Helmick

Submissions from 1980

Visual Arts Address, James D. Mellick

Basic Course Strategies: Presentation of Speaking Courses in the Small College, James R. Phipps

Submissions from 1979

The Equitable Remedy and Common Property Resource Allocation, Marc A. Clauson

Dynamics of Alcoholism Treatment, Nelson Henning

The Affective Dimension of Interpersonal Relationships, Kurt D. Moreland

Submissions from 1978

Benzo(a)pyrene Metabolites Bound to the Transcriptionally Active Fractions of C3H/10T1/2 Cells, Rebecca J. Trafzer and J. H. Rho

Presentations from 1977

Music in Christian Education, Lyle J. Anderson

Submissions from 1974

The Analysis and Control of an Unstable Inverted Pedulum, Lawrence D. Zavodney

Submissions from 1973

Liquid Ammonia. A Modern Look, Larry S. Helmick

Submissions from 1972

Reactive Intermediates in Liquid Ammonia. Addition of Amide Ion to Isoquinoline and Quinoline in Liquid Ammonia Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Anionic Sigma Complexes, Larry S. Helmick

Reactive Intermediates in Liquid Ammonia. Covalent Amination of Heteroaromatic Compounds, Larry S. Helmick

Reactive Intermediates in Liquid Ammonia. Ionization in Liquid Ammonia of Methyl and Amino Groups Bonded to Pyridine and Pyrazine. A Method of Determining Their pKa Values, Larry S. Helmick

Submissions from 1970

Inductive Effects of Substituents on Annular Nitrogen. Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange of N-Substituted Pyridinium Ions, Larry S. Helmick

Submissions from 209

Muslim Insider Ecclesiology: Does Muslim Insider Movement Conextualization Produce Biblically Faithful Churches or a Mere Mosquerade, Matthew A. Bennett