This collection showcases presentations made by Cedarville University faculty members at various conferences, workshops, and other public venues.


Submissions from 2019

Assessing the Application of the Ohio Nurse Competency Model in a Senior BSN Leadership and Management Course, Carolyn A. Barnett

Christ in the Scripture of Islam: Remnantal Revelation or Irredeemable Imposter?, Matthew A. Bennett

Chlorogenic Acid Increases Basal Tone with No Effect on Relaxation of Rat Ileal Smooth Muscles by Mechanisms Independent of PKG Mediated Effects on Myosin Light Chain Phosphorylation, Sarah Berman, Jamie Huston, Austin Lail, Nicole Piquette, and Elisha R. Injeti

The Opportunities & Challenges of Implementing CASPer: A Non-Cognitive Admissions Test, Gilbert Boissonneault, Jason Grahame, and Teresa Preston

Allied Health Students’ Perceptions on Preparation to Administer Spiritual Care to Future Clients/Patients, April D. Crommett and Sue Walsh


A Whole-Person Model for Biblical Integration in Business, John D. Delano

NSTA/CAEP Science Teacher Preparation Standards, Michael Dias, Deborah Hemler, and William I. Jones

Workshop Presentations, Jeremy Ervin

Workshop Presentations, Jeremy Ervin

Workshop Presentations, Jeremy Ervin

Workshop Presentations, Jeremy Ervin

Well-Crafted Proverbs, and Yet God's Inspired Word, Daniel J. Estes

Asking Good Questions, Lori Ferguson

Creating Grit and Perseverance Through Critical Thinking and Growth Mindset, Lori Ferguson

Communication in the 21st Century, Lori Ferguson, Betty Ruth Sylvester, and David Leitch

An Ethnographic Study of Effective University Communicators, Michael W. Firmin, Bethany A. Carson, Karolyn Sabo, and Elliott H. Gilmore

Ethical Considerations Regarding Emotional Support Animals (ESA) Evaluations, Michael W. Firmin, Bethany Carson, Samantha Hershberger, Karolyn Sabo, Anna Edwards, and Elliott H. Gilmore

Lecture Techniques Used by University Communicators: An Ethnographic Perspective, Michael W. Firmin, Karolyn Sabo, Elliott H. Gilmore, Bethany A. Carson, and Samantha J. Hershberger

Potential Psychological Implications of the Inclusion of 6C72 Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder in the ICD-11, Michael W. Firmin and Matthew W. Shinkle

Perceived Parameters of Christian Healthcare Workers in Clinical Settings, Michael W. Firmin, Felisha L. Younkin, Rachel Parrill, Alexis D. Smith, Zachary J. Krauss, and Theresa M. Jones

Overall Positive Experience of Upbringing and Advice for Other MKs and Military Leadership, Michael W. Firmin, Taylor Zunderlin, Aubrey Shell, and Hannah Grammer

How May I Serve You? A Unified Service Point for Meeting the Needs of Your Library Users, Jeffery S. Gates

Philosophy of Religion and Art, John R. Gilhooly

Theoretical Foundations of Clinical Decisions Involving Transgender Individuals: Exploring Conscience Rights of Health Care Providers, Elliott H. Gilmore, Stephen R. Smithers, Dennis Sullivan, and Felisha L. Younkin

Magnum PI: Maximizing Your Admissions Personal Interviews, Jason Grahame

Is Income Inequality Actually a Good and Not a Bad?, Jeffrey E. Haymond

Screening for Social Determinants of Health in Pediatric Primary Care, Kim Higginbotham

Visual Design for Worship: Color, Type and Image, Aaron C. Huffman

Visual Design for Worship: Visual Elements & Principles, Aaron C. Huffman

The Clinical Role of New Gram-Negative Antibiotics, Zach Jenkins and M. Bauer

An Examination of 20th Century Views on the Relationship between Metaphysics and Theology, Joshua Kira

Utilizing an Individually-Built Mobile Robot, in the Laboratory of an Advanced Digital Logic Design Course in Conjunction with a Final Class Competition, Clinton E. Kohl


A Review of Over 20 Years of Autonomous Vehicle Designs at Cedarville University, Clinton E. Kohl, Danielle Fredette, and Timothy R. Tuinstra

Longitudinal Impact of an Interprofessional Education Session on the Development of Team and Values Competencies, Emily Laswell, Elizabeth A. Sled, Felisha L. Younkin, and Aleda Chen

Advanced Doctoral Seminar Presentation, Jason K. Lee

Reading the "Christ" Texts in Matthew with the Reformers, Jason K. Lee

Artist Talk, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

ComeFind Art Painting Demonstration, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Dispelling Myths and Understanding the Process & Residency Q/A, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Forming Your Instruction Through Creative, On-going Assessments, David B. Leitch

Utilizing Psycho-Social Intake Assessments in a K-12 Environment, David B. Leitch

Documents Used to Prepare Overseas Student Teachers, Brenda B. MacKay

Early Church Heresies in Luther's Sixteenth Century Polemics, Billy M. Marsh

Luther's Programmatic Use of Romans 1:1-3 for His Understanding of Christ in the Old Testament, Billy M. Marsh

Are Your Students Prepared to Provide Complex Care to Chronically Ill Patients?, Polly Mazanec, Franics Payne Bolton, and Elizabeth A. Delaney

Leading on Empty: Finding Motivation When You’ve Lost Your Inspiration, Roger L. O'Neel

Worship and Culture, Roger L. O'Neel

Worship Curriculum Workshop on Internships, Roger L. O'Neel

Mental Health Presentation, Jenna Orme

Residential Mobility and Adolescent Achievement: The Mediating Effect of Parental Involvement, M. Paulding, I. Bendorf, N. Tremitiedi, Chao Liu, and Felisha L. Younkin


#InstaSuccess: How Collaborating with a Student Assistant can Transform Your Library’s Social Media Presence with REAL Appeal, Kari L. Siders and Kirsten N. Setzkorn

Brain Breaks, Betty Ruth Sylvester

Professional Development Workshop, Betty Ruth Sylvester

Professional Development Workshop, Betty Ruth Sylvester

Student Engagement, Betty Ruth Sylvester

Examining Representation in Primary Ancient Text and Retellings: David and Goliath, Betty Ruth Sylvester, Megan R. Brown, and Sharon Kerestes

The Long Run Equilibrium Shifts of National Stock Market Prices for NAFTA Countries, John Tarwater

Christianity and Individualism, Bert G. Wheeler

The Coconino Sandstone Story, John H. Whitmore

Effective Integration of Some Integrable Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations, Otis C. Wright III

Evaluating the Benefits of the Fit To Be Tied Premarital Mentorship Program, Felisha L. Younkin, Michael W. Firmin, Madelyn Fawcett, and Alexandra McMurray

Perceived Professional Identities of Christian Healthcare Workers in Clinical Settings, Felisha L. Younkin, Michael W. Firmin, Rachel L. Parrill, Alexis D. Smith Ms., and Zachary J. Krauss

Perceptions of Barriers to Mental Health Services, Felisha L. Younkin, Lily Russell, Kelly A. McFarlane, Theresa M. Jones, and Karolyn Sabo

Q methodology in intercultural research, Tianhong Zhang

Submissions from 2018

Functional Social Support Effects on Perceived Stress in College Students, Elizabeth A. Axtell, Chelsea R. Anderton, Felisha L. Younkin, and Di Wu

Cracking Open an Idea: Preservice Teachers Using Lesson Study to Reevaluate Read Aloud Lessons, Megan R. Brown

They’re Different but They’re Not Different: An Analysis of Disability as Nonnormative Other, Megan R. Brown

Cedarville's Solar Field, Robert Chasnov

Jewish Perspective to Bridge the Ethnic Divide, Robert Chasnov

Utilizing Required PharmD Projects and Assistantships to Engage Students in Research Across Disciplines, Aleda Chen, Juanita A. Draime, Melissa J. Beck, Samson Amos, and Justin W. Cole

The Experiences of Faculty Development in Nursing Education in Taiwan: From Faculty's perspective, S. F. Cheng, C. L. Kuo, M. Z. Li, M. C. Chen, and Chu-Yu Huang

Incorporation of Electronic Health Record Patient Cases to Address the Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process, Justin W. Cole, Zach Jenkins, Andrew Straw, and Stephanie M. Cailor

The Opioid Epidemic, From Hopeless Dope to Dopeless Hope, Greg Delaney and Elizabeth A. Delaney

The Moral Imagination and the Future of Baptist Political Witness: A Response, Dan DeWitt

Assessment of the Use of a Patient Simulation on Pharmacy Student HIV Treatment Knowledge, Juanita A. Draime, Anna M. Staudt, Zach Jenkins, Nicole K. Stute, and MeiLing G. Norfolk

Quantifying Permafrost Extent, Condition, and Degradation Rates at Department of Defense Installations in the Arctic, Christopher Edlund and Diedrich Prigge

Tango Music for Violin and Piano, Carlos Elias

Making Peer Feedback an Effective Component of the TBL Instructional Strategy, Marty L. Eng and Sarah Lerchenfeldt

Finding Ideas and Resources for a Blended Learning Environment, Jeremy Ervin

How to Help Develop Your Staff for Free, Jeremy Ervin

It's a Project-based World! Gold Standard Approach, Jeremy Ervin

It’s a Project-based World! Part 2: Engage Your Students and Community, Jeremy Ervin

Making Learning Visible: Measuring Understanding, Not Knowledge, Jeremy Ervin

Making Learning Visible, Part 2: Measuring Understanding, Jeremy Ervin

Using Reflective Practice for Professional Learning in a STEM Classroom, Jeremy Ervin

Workshop Presentations, Jeremy Ervin

Creating Grit and Perseverance Through Critical Thinking, Lori Ferguson

Games in the Mathematics Classroom, Lori Ferguson

Is There More to Mathematics Than the Right Answer?, Lori Ferguson

Pre-Service Teachers' Construction and Implementation of Academic Language in a Mathematics Classroom, Lori Ferguson

Perceived Benefits and Drawbacks of Christian School Attendance form Kindergarten Through 12th Grade: A Qualitative Study, Michael W. Firmin, Cindy Cheung Siu, Elizabeth A. Axtell, and Elizabeth Stokes

An Analysis of State Licensure Board Requirements Pertaining to Moral Turpitude, Michael W. Firmin, Kristin DeWitt, Heidi M. Gibbs, Reina Soczka, and Alyssa M. Massaro

Dynamism in Higher Education Lecturers: Qualitative Perspectives, Michael W. Firmin, Michaela E. Holloway, Kaela Indyk, Mojadesinuola Adejokun, and Samantha B. Kohli 3402874

A Qualitative Analysis of Former Department Chairs' Forward Professional Outlooks, Michael W. Firmin, Samantha B. Kohli 3402874, Ying-Ruey Chuang, and Sydney L. Dosier

Residual Dynamic Perspectives of Former Department Chairs, Michael W. Firmin, Samantha B. Kohli 3402874, Ying-Ruey Chuang, and Sydney L. Dosier

Perspectives of Former Department Chairs: Residual Affective Results, Michael W. Firmin, Samantha B. Kohli 3402874, Ying-Ruey Chuang, and Sydney L. Dosier

Strategies for Lecture Dynamism in Higher Education: Qualitative Perspectives, Michael W. Firmin, Samantha Kohli, Michaela E. Holloway, Kaela Indyk, and Mojadesinuola Adejokun

Qualitative Perspectives of Homeschool Parents Regarding Perceived Educational Success, Michael W. Firmin, Thomas A. Sackett, Jacqlyn A. Fletcher, Theresa M. Jones, and Emily K. Parrish

The Virtue of Close-Mindedness, John R. Gilhooly

Musculoskeletal Workshop: Shoulder Exam, Jason Grahame