This collection showcases presentations made by Cedarville University faculty members at various conferences, workshops, and other public venues.


Presentations from 2018

Cracking Open an Idea: Preservice Teachers Using Lesson Study to Reevaluate Read Aloud Lessons, Megan R. Brown

They’re Different but They’re Not Different: An Analysis of Disability as Nonnormative Other, Megan R. Brown

Cedarville's Solar Field, Robert Chasnov

Jewish Perspective to Bridge the Ethnic Divide, Robert Chasnov

Utilizing Required PharmD Projects and Assistantships to Engage Students in Research Across Disciplines, Aleda Chen, Juanita A. Draime, Melissa J. Beck, Samson Amos, and Justin W. Cole

Incorporation of Electronic Health Record Patient Cases to Address the Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process, Justin W. Cole, Zach Jenkins, Andrew Straw, and Stephanie M. Cailor

The Opioid Epidemic, From Hopeless Dope to Dopeless Hope, Greg Delaney and Elizabeth A. Delaney

The Moral Imagination and the Future of Baptist Political Witness: A Response, Dan DeWitt

Tango Music for Violin and Piano, Carlos Elias

Making Peer Feedback an Effective Component of the TBL Instructional Strategy, Marty L. Eng and Sarah Lerchenfeldt

Finding Ideas and Resources for a Blended Learning Environment, Jeremy Ervin

How to Help Develop Your Staff for Free, Jeremy Ervin

It's a Project-based World! Gold Standard Approach, Jeremy Ervin

It’s a Project-based World! Part 2: Engage Your Students and Community, Jeremy Ervin

Making Learning Visible: Measuring Understanding, Not Knowledge, Jeremy Ervin

Making Learning Visible, Part 2: Measuring Understanding, Jeremy Ervin

Using Reflective Practice for Professional Learning in a STEM Classroom, Jeremy Ervin

Creating Grit and Perseverance Through Critical Thinking, Lori Ferguson

Games in the Mathematics Classroom, Lori Ferguson

Is There More to Mathematics Than the Right Answer?, Lori Ferguson

Pre-Service Teachers' Construction and Implementation of Academic Language in a Mathematics Classroom, Lori Ferguson

Strategies for Lecture Dynamism in Higher Education: Qualitative Perspectives, Michael W. Firmin, Samantha Kohli, Michaela E. Holloway, Kaela Indyk, and Mojadesinuola Adejokun

The Virtue of Close-Mindedness, John R. Gilhooly

Using Collective Memories to Construct Meaningful Textual Connections in an Out-of-School Program: Implications for the Classroom, Margaret Grigorenko and Betty Ruth Sylvester

Agency Theory, Stewardship Theory and Biblical Stewardship: Comparisons and Contrasts, Jeffrey S. Guernsey

I Should Have Asked Why: Preservice Teachers Reflections on How They Languaged Relationships with Students, M. Hikida, Megan R. Brown, and F. Beauchemin

I Should Have Asked Why: Preservice Teachers Reflections on How They Languaged Relationships with Students, M. Hikida, M. Wilson, Megan R. Brown, F. Beauchemin, S. Jackson, and M. Thomas

Balancing Access and Funds of Knowledge: Case Study of a Teacher Preparation Program in a School for Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE), Merideth Hoagland and Annis N. Shaver


Rhythms of a God-Centered Life: Time and Sabbath in the Life of a Christian, Thomas Hutchison

Sabbath: The Rhythms of God's Song in Creation, Thomas Hutchison

Be Well: Physical Activity, Kristine H. Kidder

Simulation Simplified: Using Simulation in the Classroom, Kristine H. Kidder

Emotions, Feelings, and Personhood, Joshua Kira and John R. Gilhooly

Emotions, Feelings, and the Question of Impassibility, Joshua Kira and John R. Gilhooly

Applied Behavior Analysis for Homeschoolers, David B. Leitch

Behavior Management, David B. Leitch

Using Psycho-social Intake Assessments to Improve School Climate, David B. Leitch

The Utilization of Peer Feedback During Collaborative Learning in Medical Education: A Systematic Review, Sarah Lerchefeldt and Marty Eng

An Investigation into Luther’s Use of Hebrew in His 1545 Treatise, On the Last Words of David, William M. Marsh

The Holy Spirit as the Eternal Listener in Luther’s Sermons on the Gospel of John, William M. Marsh

A Reevaluation of Ἰησοῦς in Hebrews 4:8: Joshua or Jesus?, Michael McKay

Stiffness of PLA and TPU 3D Printed Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications, Timothy L. Norman, Amy E. Abraham, Michael S. Pickett, and Joey R. Morin

Police and Community Relations for Christians, Patrick Oliver

Leading on Empty: Finding Inspiration When You’ve Lost Your Motivation, Roger L. O'Neel

Overcoming ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’: Creativity in Worship, Roger L. O'Neel

Seven Subtle Ways to Become Ineffective in the Eyes of Your Congregation, Roger L. O'Neel

Training the Next Generation of Worship Leaders, Roger L. O'Neel

Worship and Culture, Roger L. O'Neel

Where's the Evidence? Resources for Community-Level Interventions to Improve Health, Rachel L. Parrill and Carolyn A. Barnett

Daughters of the King Leading the Worship Ministry, Susan Plemons

Multicultural Worship, Susan Plemons

RX for Vocal Struggles, Susan Plemons

Picturing Diversity: Using Metaphors for Deep Understanding of Diversity While Studying Abroad, Lynn G. Roper and Betty Ruth Sylvester

Evaluating Knowing and Reasoning in College for Use in Christian Higher Education, Erin Shaw

Citation of Jeremiah in the Composition of the Twelve, Michael B. Shepherd

Haggai and Zechariah in Greek Psalm Superscriptions, Michael B. Shepherd

On Christian Scholarship and the Future of Social Work Research, Michael E. Sherr

Diabetic Ketoacidosis, Nathanael Smith

Overview and Treatment of Bradykinin-Induced Angioedema, Nathanael Smith

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Nathanael Smith

Suvorexant for Prevention of ICU Delirium, Nathanael Smith

Economic Impact of Inpatient Treatment of Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections (ABSSSI) and Potential Cost Savings Associated with Outpatient Treatment with Dalbavancin, Nathanael Smith, Kara Orwig, and James A. Sizemore

What Remains of Edith Finch and the Function of Lament in the Christian Life, Ched E. Spellman

Engaging Student Through Creativity, Motivation, and Collaboration, Betty Ruth Sylvester

Reading Comprehension Strategies and Activities to Boost Textual Understanding 1: Sensory Images, Making Connections, Questioning, Betty Ruth Sylvester

Reading Comprehension Strategies and Activities to Boost Textual Understanding 2: Drawing Inferences, Determining Importance, Synthesizing, Betty Ruth Sylvester

Fruitful Pairings: Cross-disciplinary, Team-taught Experiments in Music History, Sandra S. Yang

Submissions from 2017

Presentation, Zachariah Benson


Precepting Tips for the New Practitioner, Jaclyn Boyle, Hannah Cross, Zachary N. Jenkins, and Emily M. Laswell


New Practitioners Networking Session, Jaclyn Boyle, Zachary N. Jenkins, and Emily M. Laswell

Abilities Panel Event, Megan R. Brown

Judging by the First Look: Changing Representation of Disability on Book Covers, Megan R. Brown

Tell Me Who I Am: An Investigation of Cultural Authenticity in YA Disability Narratives, Megan R. Brown

Accurate Enough?: Representations of Disability in Children’s Literature, Megan R. Brown and A. Myers

Conscience Rights of Pharmacists, Justin W. Cole

Pediatric Neurology, Justin W. Cole

Therapeutic Interchange: Change for the Better?, Justin W. Cole

Migraine Headaches: Myths, Treatments, & Controversies, Justin W. Cole and Kimberly Tallian

The Mechanism of Protocadherin-19 Mediated Adhesion and Its Role in Brain Morphogenesis and Female Epilepsy, Sharon Cooper, James D. Jontes, and Marcos Sotomayor

How Cross-Discipline Projects on Solar Boat Teams Prepare Students for Careers, Timothy B. Dewhurst and Gerald M. Brown

The Preliminary Design Phase for Solar Boats, Timothy B. Dewhurst and Gerald M. Brown

Establishing a Cognitive Understanding of Cyber Reverse Engineering Tasks, Patrick P. Dudenhofer and Adam Bryant

Explaining Why Secession is Difficult in Well-established Democracies: Theoretical Lessons, Glen M.E. Duerr

President Trump Needs a Foreign BFF, Glen M.E. Duerr

Secessionism and NATO: The Theoretical and Practical Implications of Independence Movements in the North Atlantic, Glen M.E. Duerr

Being a Connected Educator in the 21st Century Christian Classroom and Edcamps: The How-to of a Free Unconference for Local Professional Development for Any Size School, Jeremy Ervin

Critical Thinking for Mathematical Retention and Success, Jeremy Ervin

Focus on Learning, Jeremy Ervin

Focus on Learning Through a STEM Model, Jeremy Ervin

GROW: Teaching in Relationship, Learning in Community, Jeremy Ervin

It’s a Project-based World! Part 1 – Gold Standard Approach, Jeremy Ervin

Making Sense of Your Science Teaching Through Reflective Practice, Jeremy Ervin

North East Region ACSI Professional Development Forum, Jeremy Ervin

Professional Development Forum, Jeremy Ervin

Professional Development Workshops, Jeremy Ervin

Top 10 Ways to Prepare Your Child to Be Successful at College, Jeremy Ervin

Critical Thinking for Mathematical Retention and Success Webinar, Jeremy Ervin and Lori Ferguson

Critical Thinking in the Classroom, Lori Ferguson

Grit and Perseverance, Lori Ferguson

Hands-on Math, Lori Ferguson