This collection comprises all scholarly and creative collaborative activity carried out out by Cedarville University faculty and students. It consists of articles, conference presentations, poster presentations, books, web publications and other scholarly and creative endeavors.


Collaborations from 2006

Parent and Child Views of Interracial Relationships, Luke M. Tse, Michael W. Firmin, Chi-en Hwang, and Stephanie Firebaugh
Conference Presentation


Attitude Shifts: A Qualitative Analysis of Students' Awareness and Reaction to the Homeless, Luke M. Tse, Michael W. Firmin, Courtney B. Johnson, Yelena L. Vorobyov, and Jacklyn M. McKeon

Collaborations from 2004

Attitudes of Young Adults Toward Interracial Dating and Marriage Relationships, Luke M. Tse and Marigrace Guce
Poster Session

Collaborations from 2003

Directors and Tutors ‘Writing Back’: Implementing a Vision for a Campus-Friendly Writing Center, Julie L. Moore, Cindy Rich, and Nate Andrews
Conference Presentation