Business Administration Faculty Presentations



Presentations from 2001

And You Thought Gaudi Was Out of this World, Alejandro Camacho

Getting Swift Starting Teams Off the Ground: What Airline Flight Crews Can Tell Us, E. H. McKinney, J. R. Barker, Daryl R. Smith, and K. Davis

Finding the Best: The Effect of Collective Efficacy and Transactive Memory on Aircrew Team Performance, Daryl R. Smith

Training Human Factors Engineers for an Air and Space World, Daryl R. Smith

Using an Ethics Simulation to Teach Ethics Paradigms, Bert G. Wheeler

Presentations from 2000

Market Reactions to Seasoned Equity Offerings and Subsequent Abnormal Returns, William F. Ragle and P. F. Roden

Effect of Managerial Choice on Book-to-Market Ratio in the Utility Industry (conference paper), William F. Ragle and J. Theis

Ideas for Improving the Knowledge of New Tax Practitioners, Paul G. Schloemer

In Spring a Young Man's Fancy Turns to . . . Taxes!, Bert G. Wheeler

The Biblical Basis for Distinguishing Between Capitalism and Socialism, Bert G. Wheeler

Presentations from 1999

Effect of Industry Classification on Market Response to Seasoned Equity Offerings, William F. Ragle

The Antecedents of Tax Practitioners Technical Tax Knowledge, Paul G. Schloemer

Presentations from 1998

Prospects for Integration of Section 263A and Activity-Based Costing, Paul G. Schloemer

The Virtual Pilot, Daryl R. Smith

Developing an Ethics Simulation for Business Seniors, Bert G. Wheeler

Presentations from 1997

The Personality Types and Preferences of CPA Firm Professionals: An Analysis of Changes in the Profession, Paul G. Schloemer

Presentations from 1995

Attitudes Toward Green Advertising and Consumers' Environmentally Responsible Behaviors, Erika Matulich, Diana L. Haytko, and Jon R. Austin

Avoiding the Iron Cage: The Other Side of the Protestant Work Ethic, Bert G. Wheeler

Presentations from 1994

Testing a New Procedure for Inducing Low Audience Involvemen, Michael L. Rothschild and Jon R. Austin

The Impact of IRS Forms and Psychological Type on Student Comprehension of Tax Concepts, Paul G. Schloemer

Presentations from 1993

Contemplating the Theory and Methods in Brand Extension Research, Jon R. Austin and Daniel C. Smith

Parent Brand Extension Fit and Consumers' Evaluations of Brand Extensions, Jon R. Austin and Daniel C. Smith

The Value of Understanding Lifestyle Trait Motivations for Holding Consumption Beliefs, John P. Murry, John L. Lastovicka, and Jon R. Austin

Presentations from 1992

The Other Side of Trust: How Researchers' Trust in Managers Affects Researcher Behaviors and Research Utilization, Jon R. Austin and Christine Moorman

The Role of Provider Trust in Market Research Relationships, Jon R. Austin and Christine Moorman

Personality-Attitude-Behavior Models of Young Male Alcohol Consumption, Jon R. Austin, John P. Murry, and John L. Lastovicka

Presentations from 1991

An Exploratory Examination of the Development of Marketing Research Service Relationships: An Assessment of Exchange Evaluation Dimensions, Jon R. Austin