Pharmacy Student Presentations



Presentations from 2023

Lophira Alata Suppresses Glioblastoma Cell Growth via Inhibition of Protein Kinase C-α, Huanyun Duan, Ifeoma Ezenyi, Martins Emeje, Samuel Okhale, Stacy Lin, Denise Jean-Louis, and Samson Amos

Presentations from 2022


Use of a Safe Ultraviolet Sanitizing Station in the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy, Ekenedirichukwu Obi, Daniel Tellock, Gabriel Thomas, Elisha Injeti, Rocco Rotello, Brad Pauley, and Timothy Veenstra

Presentations from 2021


Distribution of Rotavirus Genotypes in the Postvaccine Introduction Era in Ashaiman, Greater Accra Region, Ghana, 2014‐2016, Victor Letsa


Investigation of Osseointegration of Three 3D Printed Titanium Scaffold Structures, Sarah Seman, Grant Trautman, Jacob W. Southwell, Timothy L. Norman, and Rocco J. Rotello

Presentations from 2020


Inter-disciplinary Team Work with Substance Use and Recovery, Sandra Wagner, Meghan Mosser, Marc Sweeney, Val Czyzewksi, and Cynthia Yu

Presentations from 2019

Chlorogenic Acid Increases Basal Tone with No Effect on Relaxation of Rat Ileal Smooth Muscles by Mechanisms Independent of PKG Mediated Effects on Myosin Light Chain Phosphorylation, Sarah Berman, Jamie Huston, Austin Lail, Nicole Piquette, and Elisha R. Injeti

Presentations from 2018

Incorporation of a Health Literacy Exercise into First Year Pharmacy Students’ Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences, Aleda Chen, Stephanie M. Cailor, Thad Franz, and Nicole Harper


3D Printed PLA Scaffolds to Promote Healing of Large Bone Defects, Jacob W. Cole, Tiera Martinelli, Mitchell T. Ryan, Sarah G. Seman, Daniel Sidle, Stephen R. Smith, Rocco J. Rotello, and Timothy L. Norman

Incorporation of Electronic Health Record Patient Cases to Address the Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process, Justin W. Cole, Zach Jenkins, Andrew Straw, and Stephanie M. Cailor

Assessment of the Use of a Patient Simulation on Pharmacy Student HIV Treatment Knowledge, Juanita A. Draime, Anna M. Staudt, Zach Jenkins, Nicole K. Stute, and MeiLing G. Norfolk

Preceptor Perceptions on the Usefulness of a Health Literacy (HL) Exercise Completed During the First Year of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs), Sarah M. Shaw, Stephanie M. Cailor, Aleda Chen, and Thad Franz

Presentations from 2017


Patients’ Perceptions of Pharmacist Intervention Through Pre-Screened Medication Therapy Management Service, Danielle E. Baker, Colin J. Behm, Bryan Feldmann, Jeremy Flikkema, and Thaddeus T. Franz

Impact of Participating in a Pharmacy Camp on High School Students’ Perceptions of Pharmacy, Stephanie M. Cailor and Aleda Chen

Longitudinal Assessment of Student Pharmacists’ Perceptions of and Confidence in Research and Evidence-Based Practice, Stephanie M. Cailor, Aleda Chen, and M. E. Kiersma

Longitudinal Assessment of Changes in Cultural Competence and Health Literacy Knowledge in Pharmacy Students, Aleda Chen and Stephanie M. Cailor


Correlation Study: Student Success in Biochemistry as a Prerequisite for Integrated Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry, April Filter, Stacy Lin, Sydney Schultz, Rachel Anderson, Tori Twinem, Denise S. Simpson, and Melissa J. Beck

Therapeutic Anti-Infective Agent Choices During Transitions of Care (TICTOC): A Retrospective Chart Review of Medication Discrepancies and Appropriateness at Hospital Discharge, Neal S. Fox, Lauren Haines, Rachel R. Bull, Zach Jenkins, Jeb Ballentine, Craig Pleiman, and Steve Burdette


Identifying Elements of Kinder- und Jugendliteratur, Clara G. Hendrickson, Joshua D. Pearson, Brice J. Montgomery, Natalie M. Lien, Marcella B. Moorman, Anna T. Kaster, Elizabeth J. Carraher, and Annis N. Shaver

Evaluating Interprofessional Fast Forward Rounds for Transitions of Care Education, Zach Jenkins, L. Cummings, M. Pelyhes, A. Smith, P. Thornton, W. Matcham, and A. Lail

Utilizing an ICU Teaching Rounds Simulation to Enhance Collaborative Skills and Sepsis Pharmacotherapeutic Knowledge, Zach Jenkins, Emily Laswell, Nicole K. Stute, and Lauren Bluhm

Analyzing Frequency of Pharmacist Interventions for Medication Adherence and Compliance in Phase 3 Clinical Trials for Patients with Sub-Optimally Controlled Diabetes, J. Martinez, Emily Laswell, Stephanie M. Cailor, and Jeb Ballentine

An Educational Intervention to Improve Pharmacy Student Empathy for Patients on Hemodialysis, Laura Sjoquist, Stephanie M. Cailor, Logan Conkey, Brandon Ng, Rachel M. Wilcox, and Emily Laswell


Employing “FDAlabel” Database to Extract Pharmacogenomics Information from FDA Drug Labeling to Advance the Study of Precision Medicine, Ryley B. Uber, Hong Fang, Zhichao Liu, Joshua Xu, Shraddha Thakkar, Shashi Amur, Padmaja Mummaneni, Minjun Chen, Baitang Ning, Steve Harris, Guangxu Zhou, Leihong Wu, Paul Howard, and Weida Tong

Presentations from 2016


The Effect of Andrographolide on the Metabolism of Carbamazepine in Rats, Elizabeth Aziz, Samuel Franklin, Ankit Pandav, Abigail Savino, Caleb Thompson, Caleb VanDyke, Ruth Choi, and Elisha R. Injeti


The Impact of a Flipped Classroom Compared to Lecture-Based Teaching on Achieving Course Outcomes, Melissa J. Beck, Akwasi Appiah, Jasmine Gunti, Victoria Bumgardner, and Caleb Tang


College Student Awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, Micah F. Bernard, Kale Hanavan, Vineeta Rao, Jacob Shaffer, Katherine Woodard, Dominic Yeboah, and Phillip L. Thornton


Assessing Medication Redistribution Practices Between Long-term Care Facilities, Free Clinics, and Charitable Pharmacies in Ohio, Kasandra Chambers and Jon R. Austin

Preceptor-Assessed Progression of Student Self-Care Counseling Skills after Integrated Learning of Content, Aleda Chen, Phillip L. Thornton, Stephanie M. Cailor, Thad Franz, and Jeb Ballentine

Development of a Comprehensive Competency Rubric for Evaluating Pharmacy Student self-care counseling, Aleda Chen, Phillip L. Thornton, Thad Franz, Jeb Ballentine, Stephanie M. Cailor, and Neal S. Fox


Evaluating Interprofessional Fast Forward Rounds for Transition of Care Education, Laura Cummings, Ashley J. Smith, Mike Pelyhes, Zachary Jenkins, Phillip L. Thornton, Maurice Lee, and William Matcham


A Systematic Review of the Cost-Effectiveness of Chemotherapy Regimens, Chelsea R. Manion, Eric Blizzard, Emily Bruce, Hannah Chittenden, David Fisher, Lia G. Hickinbotham, Abigail Moon, Nicholas Rudy, Aleda Chen, and Kristi Coe


Validation of Humanized Mouse Antibodies, MeiLing G. Norfolk and Rocco J. Rotello


The Impact of Free Health Screenings at Community Pharmacies on Diabetes, Anna Smith, Jacques Allou, Jeniffer George, Jessica Amtower, Nicholas Daniels, Jeb Ballentine, and Emily M. Laswell


The Effects of Apigenin on Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis in Glioblastoma Multiforme, Trevor Stump, Brittany Santee, Lauren Williams, Chelsae Heinze, Rachel Kunze, Samson Amos, and Denise S. Simpson


Effects of High-Fidelity Simulation on Student Perceptions of Interprofessional Education, Trevor Stump, McKenzie Shenk, Karissa C. Chow, and Becky Brown

Assessment of Student Self-Care Counseling Skill Progression Across a Semester, Stephanie M. Tubb, Aleda Chen, Phillip L. Thornton, and Jeb Ballentine

Presentations from 2015


Evaluating Antioxidant Activity of Selected Plant Species Native to Cedarville, Ohio, Daniel A. Benson, Alexander P. Treide, David Woodfield, Joshua A. Sitler, Denise S. Simpson, and Robert L. Paris

Pharmaceutical Stability of Promethazine in Intravenous Infusion Fluids, Kaysie J. Brittenham, Ruth Choi, Michael E. Kapraly, Brandon Kime, Joshua Knoebel, Samson Amos, Rebecca J. Gryka, and Denise S. Simpson


Impact of Small-Group Sessions on Motivational Interviewing Outcomes, Ginger D. Cameron, Rebecca M. Widder, Juanita A. Draime, Aleda M.H. Chen, Mark D. Pinkerton, and Douglas C. Anderson


GMO vs. Non-GMO: Comparing the Addictiveness of Corn in Rats, Christian A. Carroll, Sara L. Hill, Kelly A. Huston, Tyler Michael, Courtney Noll, Melissa J. Beck, and Ginger D. Cameron


Community Education on MTM Services, Jacob M. Davis, Kristin Lessig, Lindsay M. Mailloux, Samantha A. Smolinski, Stephen K. Yeboah, Aleda M.H. Chen, Ginger D. Cameron, Thaddeus T. Franz, and Jenna G. Lawhead

Description and Comparison of Drug Diversion in Pharmacies by Pharmacists, Interns, and Pharmacy Technicians, Juanita A. Draime and Douglas C. Anderson


Effectiveness of Student Facilitation in Motivational Interviewing Education, Juanita A. Draime, Rebecca M. Widder, Ginger D. Cameron, Aleda M.H. Chen, Mark D. Pinkerton, and Douglas C. Anderson


Medication Reconciliation of Medically-Complex Emergency Department Patients by Second-Year Professional Pharmacy Students, Lauren Haines, Neal S. Fox, Rachel R. Bull, Jeb Ballentine, Thaddeus T. Franz, and Zachary N. Jenkins

International Multi-Site Gap Analysis Study to Identify Areas of Health Service Needs in Short-Term Medical Missions, Rebecca A. Kyper and Miriam A. Ansong

Multi-State Gap-Analysis Research to Identify Resources of Need for Free Clinics that Service Indigent, Underinsured, and Underserved Populations, Myriam Shaw Ojeda, Rebecca A. Kyper, and Miriam A. Ansong


Simulation-Based Interdisciplinary Team Learning—Pilot Study, Brian C. Patterson, Adam H. Altman, Brittani H. Purkeypile, Bethany Sibbitt, Zachary IlGiovine, Nicholaus Christian, Phillip J. Wenzell, Natasha Mehta, and Raymond Ten Eyck


Qualitative Analysis of Motivational Interviewing Outcomes After Small Group Sessions, Rebecca M. Widder, Juanita A. Draime, Ginger D. Cameron, Aleda M.H. Chen, Mark D. Pinkerton, and Douglas C. Anderson


Asthma Knowledge, Control, and Administration Techniques in Hispanic Caregivers of Pediatrics, Kelly J. Wright, Joshua Arnold, Rachel Culp, Kyle Hultz, Benjamin Robertson, Jon Wilkie, and Amy Wuobio

Presentations from 2014


The Role of Pharmacists in Primary Care Settings, Julie Cummings, McKenzie Shank, Nathanael Smith, Olumami Amaye, Cara Toms, Thaddeus T. Franz, and Tracy Frame

Effectiveness of Clinical Scenarios in Improving Student Interprofessional Skills and Attitudes, Laura Cummings, Ashley Peterson, and Mike Pelyhes

Evaluation of Multi-course Integrated Learning on Pharmacy Student Competence in Self-Care Counseling, Neal S. Fox, Phillip L. Thornton, Aleda M.H. Chen, Thaddeus T. Franz, Tracy R. Frame, Jeb Ballentine, and Kelly J. Wright


Monoclonal Antibody Activity in Human Umbilical Endothelial Cells That Possess Opposing Growth Factor Signaling Receptors, Rocco J. Rotello, Marissa Cushing, Steve Vetter, Shane Johnson, and Jessica Ward


Are Cell Death Proteins/Antigens Found on Interdigital Cells Dying During Limb Development Expressed in a Simple Organism Such As Tetrahymena?, Rocco J. Rotello, Jessica A. Ward, Samuel Franklin, and Jenna G. Lawhead

Effect of Growth Environment on the Bioactivity of Selected Plant Species, Denise S. Simpson, Keilah M. Ketron, Erin M. Tessier, and Robert L. Paris

Evaluation of Student Self-Care Confidence in Two Team-Based Learning Formats, A. Todt, M. E. Kiersma, Timothy A. Frame, Aleda Chen, Becky Gryka, and Stephanie M. Cailor

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI) Core Values and Chapter Advancement, Kelly J. Wright, Miriam A. Ansong, and Marissa Cushing

Asthma Knowledge, Control, and Administration Techniques in Hispanic Caregivers of Pediatrics, Kelly J. Wright, Joshua Arnold, Rachel Culp, Kyle Hultz, Benjamin Robertson, and Amy Wuobio

Development of a Novel Aspirin Suppository Formulation and Evaluation of the Acetylation of COX-1 Via a HT-29/Caco-2 Cell Absorption Assay Used to Detect the Absorption of Aspirin Formulated with Various Bases and Excipients, Tiffany J. Zehel, Sarah Myers, Joseph Newman, Rocco J. Rotello, Danielle L. Eaton, Mallory J. Martin, and Miriam A. Ansong

Presentations from 2013


Health Literacy, Medication Adherence, and Patient Satisfaction in Community Pharmacy, Sarah Anderson, Kelly Madden, Lindsay Tarleton, Cassandra Wilson-Brownfield, Joseph Zerka, and Aleda M. H. Chen


Impact of a Pharmacist-Managed Smoking Cessation Program, Alexandra Archambault, Belinda Darkwah, Kale Hanavan, Ellery Kent, Myriam Shaw Ojeda, Larisa Yuchimiuk, and Kelly J. Hiteshew


Emergency Contraceptive (EC) Use in Indigent Populations, Ashley Benjamin, Kasandra Chambers, Melissa McNicol, Amy Roy, Kurtis Schultz, April Yoakam, Miriam A. Ansong, and Tracy R. Frame

What Are Pharmacist's Thoughts on Social Media Being the Next Counseling Stage?, Emily Bruce, Katherine Distel, Julie Neal, Matthew Rivera, Caleb VanDyke, and Jeffrey Huston


Patient Satisfaction with Pharmacist Counseling, Kristina Burban, Samuel Franklin, Sarah Marks, Trevor Reed, Brandon Spears, and Aleda M.H. Chen .

A Comparison of the Effect of Short Intermittent and Prolonged Intermittent Infusion of Meropenem on the Prevalence of Nausea in Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Patients, Marissa Cushing, Juanita A. Draime, Bao-Ngoc Ho, Jordan Nicholls, Bethany Sibbitt, Rebecca Widder, Pat Christoff, Rebecca J. Gryka, and Denise S. Simpson

A Comparison of the Effect of Intermittent and Continuous Infusion of Meropenem on the Prevalence of Nausea in Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Patients, Marissa Cushing, Juanita A. Draime, Bao-Ngoc Ho, Jordan Nicholls, Bethany Sibbitt, Rebecca Widder, Rebecca J. Gryka, and Denise S. Simpson

Evaluation of Team Perceptions Regarding Personality Types and Learning Styles, Timothy A. Frame, Becky Gryka, M. E. Kiersma, Aleda Chen, L. Sheppard, and Stephanie M. Cailor


Use of Myers-Briggs Personality Types in the Distribution of Students to Team-Based Learning Groups, Tracy R. Frame, Rebecca J. Gryka, Mary E. Kiersma, Lorin Sheppard, Aleda M.H. Chen, and Stephanie M. Cailor

Effects of Physical Stress and Maturational Changes on Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis Function Through Cortisol Analysis, Amy Granger, Allison Henry, Lauren Lilliencrantz, Amanda Smith, Paul Srnis, William Van Schepen, and Elisha R. Injeti

Use of Myers-Briggs Personality Types in the Distribution of Students to Team-Based Learning Groups, Rebecca J. Gryka, Tracy R. Frame, Mary E. Kiersma, Lorin Sheppard, Stephanie M. Cailor, and Aleda M.H. Chen


Patients' Perceptions of Community Pharmacists Giving Vaccinations, Darlinghton O. Njoku, Vineeta Rao, Morgan R. Bailey, Matt Madden, Joshua A. Sitler, and Tracy R. Frame

Presentations from 2012


Job Placement of PGY1 Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Residents in Ohio, Sarah Anderson, Rachel R. Bull, Ruth Choi, Bethany Gustin, Joshua Knoebel, Courtney Noll, Jessica Taylor, Rebecca Widder, and Kelly J. Hiteshew

Factors Influencing College Students’ Use of Over the Counter Cold and Flu Medication, Ashley Ashmore, Jacob Davis, Nathan Ingram, Lindsay Mailloux, Taylor Schwartz, Ryley Uber, and Rebecca J. Gryka


Survey of Community Pharmacy Customers' Medication Storage and Disposal Methods, Ryan Biddinger, Laura Farleman, Alex Jannsen, Mallory Martin, Anna M. Smith, Chelsea Wamsley, and Tracy R. Frame

Job Satisfaction Among Hospital Pharmacists in SW Ohio, Stephanie M. Cailor, Joseph C. Fitch, Michael E. Kapraly, Jordan N. McLeland, Charles D. Snyder, Sarah Winey, and Jeffrey D. Lewis

Development of a Method for Imaging Erythrocytes Using Atomic Force Microscope, Rebecca Widder, Xidong Chen, and Elisha R. Injeti

Presentations from 2011

A College Student’s Perspective of Pharmacists in the Medical Field, Jinwon Byun, Jacob Coleman, Sandra Gaber, Aaron LePoire, Ashley Peterson, Nathanael Smith, and Rebecca J. Gryka

Differences in Job Satisfaction Between Chain and Independent Community Pharmacists, Clayton Countryman, Heather Evankow, Rebecca A. Kyper, Joseph Newman, Mike Pelyhes, Bethany Sibbitt, and Jeffrey D. Lewis

The Public’s Perception of the Profession of Pharmacy, Rachel Culp, Jesse Hickey, Lauren Lilliencrantz, Maria Miller, Lauren Petry, Pete L. Stack, and Rebecca J. Gryka

Application of Atomic Force Microscope in Imaging Ciliary Structures of Tetrahymena Thermophilia, Kyong Ha Woo, Xidong Chen, and Elisha R. Injeti

Presentations from 2010

Pharmacist’s Understanding of Conscience Clauses in Clark and Greene Counties of Ohio, Brett Bradford, Melinda Burnison, Kelly Madden, Dustin Nelson, Kurtis Schultz, Lindsay Tarleton, Heidi Zwiebel, and Jeffrey D. Lewis

Pharmacist’s Choice: A Survey of Pharmacist’s Opinions on Conscience Clauses in Selected Counties in Ohio, Jayson M. Brewin, Bradley Eiras, Aaron Lane, Lauren Macks, Heather Rose, Jon Wilkie, Amy Wuobio, and Jeffrey D. Lewis