This collection showcases presentations made by Cedarville University faculty members at various conferences, workshops, and other public venues.


Submissions from 2016

The Development of L2 Pitch Range in a Short-Term Study Abroad Program, Jorge Méndez Seijas and Cristi Killingsworth


Netrin-3 Peptide (C-19) is a Chemorepellent and a Growth Inhibitor in Tetrahymena thermophila, Matthew S. Merical, Kenneth W. Ward, Lois Parks, and Heather G. Kuruvilla

What Can the Library Do for You?: Redesigning Our New Student Orientation to Match Goals and Patrons, Joshua B. Michael

Celebrating Faculty Work, Angelia Mickle

60 Seconds in a Circle, Eric W. Mishne

Effects of Argumentative Headings on Text Comprehension, Eric W. Mishne

Finding Your Foundation: Exploring Approaches to Communication Scholarship, Eric W. Mishne

Romancing the Wall; Flirting in Public CMC Spaces, Eric W. Mishne

Student Motivation for Attending College and the Impact on Academic Success, Eric W. Mishne

The Academic Movie Review; How to Write an Abstract, Eric W. Mishne

Optimal Taper-Trunnion Angular Mis-Match in Hip Prosthesis, Timothy L. Norman

The Relationship Between Spinal Implant Geometric Design Parameters and Subsidence, Timothy L. Norman

The Effect of Taper-Trunnion Angular Mismatch and Surface Finish on Trunnion Fretting: An Experimental Model, Timothy L. Norman, H. A. Martin, S. P. Harris, P. M. Lawrence, A. L. Lee, D. S. Erdahl, M. Barlow, and T. K. Fehring


Hiring for the 21st Century Law Enforcement Officer: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies for Success, Patrick Oliver

U.S. Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Service Office and Police Executive Research Forum Focus Group, Patrick Oliver

Engaging Your Congregation in Worship, Roger L. O'Neel

Equipping and Training Your Youth Band, Roger L. O'Neel

Leading on Empty, Roger L. O'Neel

Leading on Empty: Finding Inspiration when You Have Lost Your Motivation., Roger L. O'Neel

The Flow of a Worship Service, Roger L. O'Neel

Validity Evidence for the Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence–Second Edition in a College Student Sample, Jason Parkin, A. Alexander Beaujean, Michael W. Firmin, Ruth L. Firmin, and Xiao Qiu

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Review of Etiology and Treatment, David M. Peters

Management and Medication for Sepsis, David M. Peters

Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock, David M. Peters

Our Great Commission: Antimicrobial Stewardship, David M. Peters

RAMPing Up Antimicrobial Therapy, David M. Peters

You Can't Always Get What You Want: Pharmacy Consult Breakdown at an Academic Medical Center, David M. Peters

Ceftriaxone versus Antipseudomonal Beta-lactam Antibiotics for the Treatment of Common AmpC-producing Organisms, David M. Peters, S. Liao, J. B. Winter, C. A. Droege, and N. E. Ernst


A Practical Approach for Assessing Physical Fitness, David D. Peterson

Rx for Vocal Struggles, Susan Plemons

The ABCs of Blend, Susan Plemons

From Napkins to Renderings: The Evolution of a Design, Rebekah Priebe

Financial Planning Considerations for U.S. Ex-Patriates in China, William F. Ragle

The 2016 Presidential Election, David L. Rich

Enhancing Admissions Process with CASPA 3.0, Christina Robohm-Leavitt, Kevin Zalanowski, Cindy Holahan, and Jason Grahame

Scene Design Workshop, Jonathan Sabo

Fostering the Acquisition of Academic Language While Developing Communicative Competence, Annis N. Shaver and Louise M. Grandouiller

God and Politics: In Whom Do I Trust?, Kevin F. Sims

Is the BF&M Sufficient for Today?, Brandon Smith

The Role of the Pharmacist in a Federally-Qualified Healthcare Clinic, Nathanael Smith, J. Cummings, C. Barnhart, O. Amaye, and M. Shenk

Nehemiah's New Shadow: The Canonical Function of Ezra-Nehemiah Among the Writings, Ched E. Spellman

Anticoagulants and New Reversal Agents, Anna M. Staudt

Ambition – Another One Glittering Higher Up Still, Daniel R. Sterkenburg

Take Ownership of Your Career…No One Else Will, Daniel R. Sterkenburg

Medication Errors Found During Medication Reconciliation, Andrew M. Straw

Vitamins and Supplements: Myths vs Facts, Andrew M. Straw

Bioethics and the Christian, Dennis M. Sullivan

Evolution and the Christian, Dennis M. Sullivan

Gene Editing and Designer Babies, Dennis M. Sullivan

Modern Ethics Controversies, Dennis M. Sullivan

Overriding Parental Rights in a Pediatric Patient, Dennis M. Sullivan

The Ethics of Assisted Suicide, Dennis M. Sullivan

Best Practices in Mediation Analysis: Current Usage in Developmental Science, T. Swindle, R. Larzelere, and Chao Liu

The Relationship between Cohort Default Rates and Technical Efficiency in For Profit Institutions of Higher Education, John Tarwater

The Protestant Roots of the Secularization of Knowledge in American Higher Education, Richard P. Tison

Range and Velocity Disambiguation in Medium PRF Radar with the DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm, Timothy R. Tuinstra

A Comparison of Natural Substrate vs. Artificial Substrate Sampling Devices for Periphyton and Biofilm Assessment, A. Valigosky, P. Anderson, Michael J. Mendel, B. Bartelme, and B. Williams

Protecting and Preserving Our Principles: The Supreme Court and Your School, Robert Vaughn

STEPS Towards Better Health Care Delivery: A Student-Led Multidisciplinary Approach, Stephanie Welsh, Juanita A. Draime, and Rachael Libertin

Being Lovely and the Image of God/Christ in Man, Bert G. Wheeler

Keynote Address, John H. Whitmore

An Effective Integration Method for Two-Phase Solutions of the Focusing NLS Equation, Otis C. Wright III

Internationalization of Higher Education in China: Intercultural Perspective, Tianhong Zhang

Transfer as a Threshold Concept in Intercultural Competence Development in Case of Intercultural Interactions Between International and American Graduate Students, Tianhong Zhang

Submissions from 2015

Mentor and Protégé: Evaluating the NACSW Faculty-student Mentoring Program, C. Adedoyin and Michael E. Sherr


Evidence for Secretion of a Netrin-1-like Protein by Tetrahymena thermophila, Victoria E. Ames, Grant Hooper, Aubrey J. Juris, Cole Knox, Jack Lightbody, Alexa C. Manthei, Jacob P. Olejarczyk, Benjamin D. Swenor, Amiah Warder, Emily B. Weindorf, Taylor L. Vander Plas, and Heather G. Kuruvilla

Distributional Chaos in Dendritic Julia Sets, Nathan Averbeck and Brian E. Raines


Photo Recognition for In-water Identification of Hawksbills in a Marine Protected Area of Honduras, Linda Baeza, Christian Hayes, Marsha K. Wright, Lidia A. Salinas, and Stephen G. Dunbar

Clinical Reasoning: Working Through the Amphibolies in Nursing, Carolyn A. Barnett

Ambassadorship, Jeffrey A. Bates

Empathy: Assuring Great Care by Focusing on Others, Jeffrey A. Bates

Incorporating Common Educational Approaches to Help Pharmacists Improve Therapeutic Outcomes, Jeffrey A. Bates

Assessment of Magical Thinking in Religious Populations, Milton E. Becknell and Chi-en Hwang,

The Obesity Epidemic: Who Bears Primary Responsibility?, Milton E. Becknell and Chi-en Hwang,

Food Addictions: A Basic Understanding, Melissa D. Brown

Biblical Theology According to the Earliest Christians: Israel's Story in Stephen's Speech, Christopher R. Bruno

Biblical Theology According to the Earliest Christians: Stephen's Speech as a Model for OT Biblical Theology, Christopher R. Bruno

One God, One People, One Mediator: The Use of the One God Formula in the Disputed Pauline Epistles, Christopher R. Bruno

Use of Athena Vortex Lattice for Preliminary Hydrofoil Design, K. Burrell, J. Sykes, Timothy B. Dewhurst, and Z. Quin


Impact of Small-Group Sessions on Motivational Interviewing Outcomes, Ginger D. Cameron, Rebecca M. Widder, Juanita A. Draime, Aleda M.H. Chen, Mark D. Pinkerton, and Douglas C. Anderson

Content Strategy as a New Field for Technical and Professional Writers, Nicholas A. Carrington

Using the Introductory Tech Comm Class to Help Students Explore Writing Careers, Nicholas A. Carrington

Using Relative-Value Units (RVUs) to Distribute Workload and Justify Services in an Investigational Drug Service (IDS) Pharmacy, K. Chambers, J. Blind, and Justin W. Cole

Cool Ideas, Robert Chasnov

Kittyhawk AOC Scholarship Awards Luncheon, Robert Chasnov

Mentoring Faculty, Robert Chasnov

Flipping the Classroom to Improve Self-directed Learning for RN to BSN Students in Taiwan, Su-Fen Cheng, Jane Lee-Hsieh, and Chu-Yu Huang

Fatigue and Its Associated Factors in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Receiving Antiviral Therapy, Y. Chen, Y. Tseng, Chu-Yu Huang, and C. Lin

STEPS Towards Better Health Care Delivery: A Student Led Multidisciplinary Approach, N. Christian, Juanita A. Draime, M. Rechel, A. Schaad, R. J. Sontag, and P. Sutton

Faith, Hope, Love Model of Spiritual Care, Sharon K. Christman

The Live Experiences of Primary Caregivers Caring for Childhood Cancer After First Round of Chemotherapy, I. H. Chu, S. F. Cheng, W. W. Wu, H. J. Chiu, and Chu-Yu Huang

Revolution and the Political Transformation of Isaac Backus, Robert J. Clark

Understanding Pcdh19 Function: From Brain Morphogenesis to Molecular Adhesion Properties, Sharon Cooper

Protocadherins Control the Modular Assembly of Neuronal Columns in the Zebrafish Optic Tectum, Sharon Cooper, M. R. Emond, P. Q. Duy, B. G. Liebau, M. A. Wolman, and James D. Jontes

Examining the Structural Determinants of Protocadherin-19 Function in Brain Morphogenesis and Epilepsy, Sharon Cooper, James D. Jontes, and Marcos Sotomayor

The Church as Family: The Nature of the Household of God in 1 Timothy, Gregory A. Couser

Environmental Health Science and the TCU Experience, Nathanael Davis


Today's Undergraduates...Tomorrow's Library Directors!, Julie D. Deardorff, Kirsten N. Setzkorn, Austin C. Becton, Allison N. Jensen, and Rebekkah C. Reisner

Antibiotic Prescribing Patterns at Hospital Discharge, J. Dees and Zach Jenkins

Palliative Care, Elizabeth A. Delaney